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We offer a full range of services for SEO promotion of the site in search engines Google and Bing.

SEO-promotion of sites with a guarantee from the digital agency "AROUND WEB". The main principles of work in site promotion - are honesty, quality, and "white" site optimization methods.


We are only interested in a long-term relationship built on 100% trust.

For people

We never focus only on buying links.


We provide a guarantee, which must be specified in the written contract.


We conduct all cases transparently. At the end of each stage, we provide a complete report on the work performed.


We single out a team of professionals for each project.

Cases of SEO site promotion

In projects, we apply a multidisciplinary approach based on the synergy of strategy, branding, design, and digital technologies.
  • Traffic has grown by 500%
  • Growth of requests 253%
  • Conversion growth 786%
  • Something else 10 pieces.
Construction<br/> company"> Construction


Construction site promotions

  • Traffic from 0 to 2800
  • Term 6 months
Accounting company Accounting company

Accounting company

Accounting website promotion


Effective SEO promotion in search engines

What is SEO?

This tool raises the site to the top 10 on search engines. The higher the site - the more popular and popular it will be for users. The more popular a site is for users, the more visits it receives. The more visits, the more likely you are to sell. Thus, SEO helps businesses not only to promote sites but also to increase sales and improve the overall brand image.

How long does SEO take?

The answer to this question depends on many different factors. For example, the age and history of the domain, the level of competition of a given topic and actions of competitors, the global number of search queries, and much more. Nevertheless, you can see the result in 2-3 weeks and one or a half to two months.

What methods are used to promote sites?

You can use two methods to promote sites: white and black. The former is legal and transparent, and the latter is prohibited. Of course, using black methods, you can achieve the desired results much faster, but as a punishment, you risk getting a "ban". Therefore, we do not recommend violating the rules of search algorithms and using only white methods, such as exchanging thematic links and site promotion through articles and others.

What should a customer provide to run an SEO promotion?

We will need full access to your site (FTP access, MySQL access, content management system access) to make the necessary changes correctly and quickly. All changes are agreed upon personally with the customer for your peace of mind.

Gov much dos SEO promotion cost?

The cost of promotion in Kharkiv depends on the goals of promotion, the competitiveness of the site and the subject, the professionalism of the optimizers, and the guarantees provided. The calculation can be done only individually, taking into account all the nuances.

Why pay for SEO promotion once a month instead of once?

Because SEO promotion works only regularly, it stays at the top of the list as you promote the site. As soon as you stop doing this, the site loses its position, and you have to start all over again.

While working on the project, our SEO specialists used many software tools. Some of them have their own developments, but some are available for general use.
Let's do a cool project together.
Website optimization
How to properly conduct SEO optimization of the site
Proper structure of the web page and site content is an important piece of the SEO puzzle. The team of digital agency "AROUND WEB" performs the best unique SEO optimization, using proven methods:
Multifactor analysis of your site

Our professionals begin the promotion by defining current website performance and developing a clear action plan.

Key phrases

AROUND WEB specialists research the search for the right keyword phrases relevant to your industry by selecting the appropriate pages for your website. In addition to increasing organic traffic from search engines, we develop quality texts that can significantly improve behavioral factors that are important for search engine rankings.

Winning content strategies

In addition to optimizing the content of your website, digital agency "AROUND WEB" will reveal the secrets of creating content that sells, which helps increase customer loyalty to your business and increase long-term sales.

Industry references

We use links exclusively from reputable databases representing large trade associations and niche catalogs. Thus, our list includes the most reliable sites.

Contextual links

The digital agency "AROUND WEB" specialists find related to your reputable sites and content that helps increase linking opportunities. In addition, professional Around tools will help you create a competitive advantage.

The cost of SEO

The price of search engine promotion of the site

The subscription fee is paid monthly at the beginning of the month. Every month you receive a large report on SEO work, SEO texts, links, and results of work (key positions, traffic in dynamics). Average promotion price:
750 $ 2 200
06 months 12

Detailed transparent reporting

When choosing an SEO company, you must understand what you are paying for. We approach our work responsibly and are proud of its results. At each stage of SEO optimization, we inform you about all the work done and the effect on your site.

The answer is about traffic, ranking of key phrases in search engines, link mass.

The answer is about traffic, ranking of key phrases in search engines, link mass.

The answer about the achievement of the set KPI.

The answer about the achievement of the set KPI.

SEO promotion team needed

Personal manager

SEO promotion is done by a specialist - your individual account manager. It verifies employees' actions, instantly helps to resolve any issues, and introduces the promotion strategy.

SEO optimizer

He works on promotion. His responsibilities include a multi-factor audit site and SEO optimization for key phrases. In addition, he sets tasks for copywriters, webmasters, analysts, and other professionals, quickly overseeing their work.


A member of a team that creates "selling" advertising materials to promote online business, sell goods, services, ideas, etc. The copywriter is guided by the requirements set by customers, adhering as closely as possible to the objectives of the order.

Web analyst

He allows identifying the target audience, analyzing the behavior of visitors and make decisions on further promotion and capacity building of the site, determining the degree of compliance of the resource with the task

UI/UX Designer

Is the site user-friendly?
Is the structure of navigation and filters correct?
What is holding back sales?


He engaged in the external promotion of the site and search for sites for links to your site.

Head of the group of SEO-specialists

Leader and coordinator of SEO promotion. Controls all important decisions of the optimizer and effectively solves the tasks.

We worked with the largest aggregator sites, construction and automotive brands, eCommerce and SaaS companies, representatives of the legal, furniture, accounting, medical and HoReCa sectors.
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