Marketing support.

AROUND WEB digital agency offers comprehensive marketing support for your business, from developing a promotion strategy to its implementation.
Work process

You can transfer to us both a part of the functionality and the entire range of services for marketing support.
Conducting a comprehensive analysis, determining the target audience and promotion channels, developing a promotion strategy, preparing all the necessary advertising materials and content, step-by-step implementation of the strategy, and analysis of effectiveness.

Filling out the brief

You fill out the brief sent by us.


We will call you and clarify all the necessary points.

Primary Analysis

We conduct an initial analysis of your company/product.

Commercial offer

Based on the brief and the analysis results, we draw up an offer and send it to you.

Popular questions on integrated marketing support
What is marketing outsourcing?

Like any other service, marketing outsourcing involves the transfer of the entire range of work or individual functions to an external contractor. Usually, advertising agencies act as external performers, in whose staff there are specialists in all the necessary areas to perform the outsourced work.

What does outsourced digital marketing service include?

It all depends on which part of the work the customer outsources. At a minimum, this may be the launch and maintenance of advertising campaigns on Google and/or social networks.
If we take it globally, marketing support includes a whole range of promotion services: strategy development, competitor analysis, target audience identification, media plan development, preparation of promotional materials, placement and control of advertising materials, and performance analysis.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of outsourcing functions include the following:
1. Professionalism. Specialists who constantly accompany a large number of projects have their tactics and strategies; they have more data and technologies, which leads to better results.
2. No need to hire employees, which reduces the labor costs of the entire marketing department.
3. When hiring an employee in the company's staff, you get one highly specialized employee. While outsourcing, you get a whole team of specialists in different areas.

Who Should Outsource Marketing?

Outsourcing the functionality is not practical for large companies that maintain their own marketing department. But this is a profitable solution for small and medium-sized businesses.
Outsourcing digital marketing support will be beneficial for:
· small companies that do not make sense to keep a marketing department;
· companies that have several marketers on staff, and the amount of work is very large - in such cases, you can transfer part of the functionality to external performers;
· for sole proprietors who do not have knowledge in digital marketing or in cases where their own efforts do not bring results;
· for companies that want to reduce the growth of marketing costs.

What does comprehensive marketing support for a business include?

Comprehensive marketing support involves the development of a strategy and its phased implementation. As part of the comprehensive support service, the AROUND WEB team will analyze the market and competitors and determine the target audience for your company/service. Based on the data received, we will develop a digital marketing strategy. We will determine the promotion channels for which we will prepare advertising materials. As the strategy is implemented, it will be analyzed and monitored. In addition, each stage will be coordinated with you, and you will receive monthly progress reports.

How much does marketing support cost?

There is no single answer, and the cost is usually determined in the process of negotiations. This is due to what goals need to be achieved and what tasks are set for the agency. The transfer of functions also plays an important role in determining the cost. The larger part of the functionality you plan to outsource, the higher the cost of the service will be.

Let's do a cool project together.
Complex marketing promotion of business
1. Primary analysis

To begin with, the specialists of our digital agency will conduct a primary marketing analysis of the market, and competitors and determine the position occupied by the company in the market.

2. Definition of the target audience

At this stage, we will determine the prospective target audience for your company/product and its needs. Let's segment the target audience according to general characteristics.

3. Development of a marketing strategy

Development of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for promoting a company/product. Definition of goals to be achieved, a step-by-step plan to achieve these goals - a plan for implementing the strategy.

4. Determination of promotion channels

Compilation of a list of promotion channels and media plans for each channel.

5. Preparation of materials

Development of creatives and advertising materials (banners, advertising texts, articles, etc.) for placement on the relevant resources.

6. Implementation of the strategy

Implementation of the strategy and implementation of all promotional activities on the relevant channels. Implementation of promotional activities (launching advertising campaigns, blogging, support in social networks).

7. Analysis and control

Analysis of the first results to further optimize campaigns and further control the implementation of the strategy. Formation of reports on the work done for the customer.

Marketing support cost
The cost of marketing promotion is determined primarily by the goals and then by the marketing budget for advertising.
900 $ 2 200
1 500 budget
When transferring digital marketing functionality to external employees, you need to understand what you are paying for. Therefore, our agency provides detailed reporting on all work performed and its effectiveness.

Marketing support from Around Web is:

Connection at any stage

The complex of marketing works consists of fully supporting each stage from strategy development to campaign effectiveness evaluation. You can outsource services at any time, and regardless of the stage, our marketing specialist connects and accompanies the whole process until the results are obtained.

Own team of specialists

For implementation, different tools are used depending on the developed strategy. Around Web uses its toolkit. We not only develop a strategy but also implement it with the help of our specialists. Among the services, we provide SEO, contextual and targeted advertising, website design, and development.

We worked with the largest aggregator sites, construction and automotive brands, eCommerce and SaaS companies, representatives of the legal, furniture, accounting, medical and HoReCa sectors.
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