SEO site audit

is needed to diagnose, evaluate and control the quality of the site, identify errors and increase organic traffic. To understand how good a site is and whether it is attractive to search engines, use the SEO audit service from Around Web.
Work process
During the SEO audit, a detailed site check for compliance with the rules and algorithms of the search engine is performed, thanks to which SEO specialists can identify technical errors and provide the necessary recommendations to improve the ranking positions by certain criteria.

Detailed analysis

Analytics is a mandatory element of SEO audit services. The «Around Web» team collects and organises information from internal and external audits.

Individual approach

«Around Web» will take into account all the features of your business, considering the current project literally under a microscope. Trust and respect of our clients is the main principle of the agency.

Error detection

Acting as an SEO audit company, we will identify technical errors related to content relevance, data structuring, and improper spending of the SEO budget and provide effective recommendations for their elimination.

Development of recommendations

Agency specialists use only proven tools in the SEO audit service. As recommendations, you receive a detailed list of problematic parts and a recommendation for their elimination, but also our support in troubleshooting.


The interaction results in the provision of full reporting and positive dynamics of the customer's results. As a result of the site audit services, you will have improved search performance and increased organic traffic.

Highlights of an SEO Audit
Certain points need to be considered when conducting an SEO audit. They determine its effectiveness and provide promotion and optimisation.
Project and niche analysis

The work begins with a discussion of the terms and scope of SEO audit services. Next, a team of professionals proceeds to evaluate the project, providing client support based on a signed contract. The main steps in niche analysis are:
· a brief analysis of keywords in the niche;
· search and research of competitors in the TOP results;
· study of the dynamics of the maximum growth of sites on the market for the reporting period;
· backlink analysis;
· structure analysis and internal optimisation;
· analysis of the SEO budget for work in a niche;
· systematisation and structuring of information;
· providing a report.

Website semantics analysis

The service of SEO-audit of a site in the analysis of semantics includes a parallel study of leaders in search results and sites with intensive growth dynamics over a period (usually 1 year). Analysis of the link profile and structure of the site, the effectiveness of the landing page, and the semantics of competitors allows you to generate high-quality analytics and provide recommendations for optimising your online business.

External sites

Among the main components of the site audit service, one should separately highlight the analysis of competitors. The identified promotion potential can be used on your site for your target audience. «Around Web» SEO specialists will help you optimise your search space and expand your company's presence with a well-thought-out and sound strategy, including on external resources.

Rank score

The ranking is one of the main functions of search engines, along with crawling and indexing. Filtering search results and reviewing rankings in an SEO audit, subject to a significant number of ranking criteria, includes analysis of content, mobile version of the site, page load time, etc. That is why it is important to use the services of professionals to assess the site adequately.

Content analysis

SEO audit checks the site's content for compliance with the main criteria: usefulness, uniqueness, keywords, linking, metadata, title relevance, and performance of external and internal links. In addition, content characteristics should be correctly presented on the site and meet users' interests as much as possible. Content managers of the digital agency «Around Web» will help to carry out a detailed analysis of the site's content and develop it at the additional request of the customer.

Reporting on all errors and recommendations

The SEO audit service's final result is preparing and providing a document to the client for all identified technical and functional errors. «Around Web» specialists will study in detail the specifics of your product and provide non-standard solutions in terms of its development and promotion. The analytical report contains structured data and strategy details for the near future.

Let's do a cool project together.
While you may be pondering the feasibility of SEO audit services, here are a few of the most common questions about why you should hire «Around Web» experts and what our approach is to solve the tasks at hand.
What are the goals and objectives of an SEO audit?

Based on the definition of the very concept of SEO audit as a process, its main goal is to find the most affordable ways to increase traffic volumes in general to the website and to individual landing pages. Therefore, the scope of tasks of an SEO audit company will include internal and external audits, drafting technical specifications, and providing reports and relevant recommendations. In addition, such an audit will help the customer identify resources that need improvement and provide a list of necessary adjustments for the site.

Who needs an SEO audit?

There are many free, paid and relatively free (with limited functionality in the free version) tools on the market for SEO audit services. However, the first step in launching them is identifying the problem you will be using them to solve. So, in particular, it is logical to resort to an SEO audit if you:
· just about to launch your website;
· planning to buy or sell it;
· perform web migration;
· planning a large-scale restructuring of the site;
· trying to establish systematic and regular monitoring of it;
· make adjustments to an existing promotion strategy or create it from scratch.

What is an SEO site audit?

A comprehensive SEO audit of a website includes an analysis of its internal and external optimisation. Internal audit looks for errors related to the technical side and content analysis, markup of a site or pages for search engines or social networks, and testing functionality. Of particular note here is the study of the site structure - forming a single pointer to the resource, internal links, and so on. The external audit is more dynamic. It provides for a full analysis of the site profile and links to it, analysis of competitors in the TOP search results, analysis of commercial factors and development of a promotion strategy.

What does the software component of an SEO audit include?

The software component of an SEO audit refers to the purely technical side of a website audit. Here, the «Around Web» team analyses the identification and prevention of such items as: incorrect tag generation, 404 error, 50X site error logic, Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml formation, loading speed, page pagination, URL correctness, 301 redirects, forbidden page indexing, etc. In addition, an SEO audit performs a fairly quick search for duplicates of your site, which make it vulnerable and affect search results.