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Around web - a partner of marketers and marketing agencies.


Become a leading digital advertising company that can accurately measure the value of every dollar spent.

Our mission

To help our partners invest in advertising even more efficiently and their specialists to reduce the time and work for making strategic decisions.

Why was this direction chosen?

We strive to simplify the work of marketers, marketing agencies and other professionals with whom we cooperate. So that the specialists of the partner company can focus on their tasks, and the partner company increases the efficiency of attracting leads or other advertising tasks.

The fact is that for a long time of our agency’s work, partners came to us who for a long time used inefficient promotion channels or created complex and inappropriate web platforms that did not correspond to their tasks, budgets, and sometimes business strategies at the current moment and in the future. In most cases, inefficient solutions had to be abandoned, as this slowed down the entire process of the company’s development.

Therefore, our team has chosen an honest and transparent partnership as a mission. Furthermore, we focus on mutually beneficial conditions from which each participant receives maximum efficiency both in the short and long term.

Around Web specialists constantly improve their skills to follow their mission and meet the stated guarantees. By cooperating with our team, you can be sure of the most important aspects:

  • we do not just apply promotion tools; we analyse which tools will be effective here and now;
  • we measure the result not by the budget spent but by the conversions received;
  • we are not chasing the number of one-time clients – long-term cooperation is more critical for us;
  • we honestly say that if the promotion channel is not effective, and offer alternatives;
  • we do not use all promotion methods but prefer only white ones, which give a reliable result;
  • we do not provide reports with distorted information, and we form a document that shows the effectiveness of every dollar spent;
  • we fulfil all our obligations, bringing everything to an end.

Values of our team

  • Honesty. Our team works on the principle of honesty and transparency. In practice, our team has verified that honesty increases the level of trust and improves performance.
  • Initiative. They say that an initiative is punishable… But not when it aims to improve and contribute to the company’s development. We welcome the initiative of our employees who strive to improve their work and achieve great results.
  • Result. Activity for the sake of activity is absolutely not our option. We are focused solely on results. Therefore, we recruit specialists who know how to set and achieve goals.
  • Development. In the field of digital, results cannot be achieved without development, which is a fact. Therefore, our team is constantly improving its skills. Our employees do not work according to patterns; they approach each task creatively and consider all possible solutions.
  • Command. Why tell a parable about a twig and a broom where the meaning is already clear? Working together clearly and harmoniously makes the desired result easier and faster. Therefore, all Around Web employees are a friendly team working on the synergy principle.
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