Case of promotion of a furniture website

  • Traffic per month from 450 to 6000
  • Term 6 months

Many furniture manufacturers in Ukraine are accustomed to traditional ways of interacting with customers and still underestimate the power of the Internet and SEO. But those companies that decide to change often win, as evidenced by the case of the Around web studio.

What did the furniture factory have before the start of cooperation

A Kharkiv furniture manufacturer approached us. At the appeal, the company had its website, though uninformative and unable to attract potential buyers. Because of this, traffic indicators before the start of the search promotion were almost zero.

Representatives of the furniture company set the task to change the current state of affairs. The client wanted:

  • the site was visited by more people from Google search;
  • not random users came to the web resource, but potential buyers (mainly from the Kharkiv region);
  • The site fully justified its existence and increased the sales of the factory.

Around Studio Getting Started

A team was formed in the studio for a new project. She began her work by analyzing:

  • studied the online furniture market;
  • identified all commodity items offered by the furniture company;
  • analyzed the demand for furniture products among consumers.

In parallel, an audit of the website was carried out to find out the current state of affairs with internal optimization and other aspects of its work.

The Around team drew up a search promotion plan for six months and agreed with the customer on the work done.

SEO work with a furniture site

As part of the promotion, representatives of the web studio performed the following work:

  • based on the formed product groups offered by the furniture company, we have collected an extensive semantic core;
  • grouped the requests, which allowed us to determine the updated structure of the site. The latter has become extended, which, for projects with a large range of products, allows users to find the right products quickly, and SEOs to promote the site in the search for a larger list of keywords;
  • added new categories of furniture and product cards;
  • carried out internal optimization at the site level as a whole (web resource map, Robots file settings, etc.), and individual pages (meta tags, optimized texts, “selling” elements, etc.);</ li>
  • increased link mass to increase the weight of promoted pages.

During six months of work, the Around team worked closely with representatives of the furniture company. All incredible moments were explained to the customer’s representatives, and important changes were necessarily agreed upon.

What happened to the furniture site after promotion

The results of six months of promotion by the Around web studio were the following:

  • increasing the visibility and position of the furniture site in Google search results
  • raising traffic values ​​to 200 unique visitors per day (recall, initially, the traffic indicators were zero);
  • The main transitions to the site are transactional (targeted) traffic, that is, visits to potential customers who subsequently purchase furniture online, leave reviews about purchased products, etc.

A competent search promotion strategy can already bring tangible results to the furniture business in Kharkiv in the medium term. And given the fact that furniture is usually quite expensive, even a small increase in online orders can pay off your SEO investment.

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