Website development

Website is the business card of the company on the Internet. The AROUND WEB team is engaged in creating corporate websites, online stores, and landing pages of any complexity and subject matter.
Work process
Website development from "AROUND WEB" is the creation of an effective tool that will sell your product. The main goal is to combine the unique design and functionality of the resource for your business.

Individual design

We consider all the wishes of the client, combined with the requirements for web resources. We turn an idea into an effective sales tool on the Internet.

A complex approach

The team of our specialists performs the whole complex of works on the site's development, from the prototype to the project's testing.

Thoughtful structure

A well-designed site structure is essential at the initial stages to further promote the site in the network. We perfectly understand how SEO works, so we consider all the nuances when developing the structure.

Focus on target audience

In addition to considering the wishes of the customer, it is important to consider the requirements of the target audience for which the future web resource will be designed. To do this, we analyze the target audience and create a site that is as clear and convenient as possible for consumers.

Website development cases
When designing a website, we consider SEO, UX/UI and marketing to create an effective sales tool
Stages of work
Website development is carried out in several stages, more details about each can be found in the list:
1. Terms of reference

To save you time, we have done away with multi-page briefs, followed in any case by a discussion of the information received. Now we first discuss the project with the client to get all the necessary information: wishes on the design and functionality of the site. On the basis of the information provided, we form a terms of reference for the creation of the site, after which the terms of reference are agreed with the client.

2. Prototyping

After approval of the terms of reference, we carry out a niche and target audience analysis. A prototype website concept will be proposed based on the analysis and the customer's preferences. A prototype is a 'schematic' representation of all the elements of the future website.

3. Design

Once the prototype is approved, a website design layout is developed, agreed upon with the client and, if necessary, adjustments are made. At the design stage, we take SEO, usability and marketing into account, so that the website is not only clear and user-friendly, but also sells.

4. Programming and imposition

After the design is approved, we move on to the software part, which, as a rule, takes the most time.

5. Presentation of the project

Project handover and adjustments if necessary. For corporate websites and online shops, we prepare a detailed manual for staff training on how to use the website. The document is presented in the form of a guide describing the functionality (often the site's admin area) and instructions for working with all the tools.

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Frequently asked Questions
What sites does Around Web develop?

The digital agency "Around Web" creates websites of all types. Our specialists are engaged in developing Landing Page, corporate sites, business card sites, and online stores. It is also possible to order the revision of an existing site or its redesign.

How much does website development cost?

The development cost depends on the site type and the complexity of the idea's implementation. To calculate the final price, you must understand what the customer needs. For what purposes is the site being created, what functionality should be, and how much time will it take to implement it. So the development of an online store takes much more time than a one-page site; therefore, the cost will be higher.

Do all companies need a website?

For companies that want to get customers through a website, and for companies that sell goods and services online, in most cases setting up a website is a must. Because a website is a great way to attract customers through paid and conditionally free methods, also, developing a website will be useful for companies that want to expand their presence on the Internet, to gain the loyalty and trust of users. In some cases, for small companies, it may be enough to develop a landing page, which takes less time and costs less. Here it is important to understand the aims and objectives of the company.

Can a company or product be promoted without a website?

Yes, you can use social networks, Google My Business profiles, and also engage customers from offline sources. But such methods are unlikely to achieve the expected results. Companies without a website are more likely to cause distrust among users. And given that your competitors are likely to have websites and get more customers for a lower price, why not take advantage of this?

Do you develop websites on website builders?

Yes, such a service is considered as part of the development of a website. Because constructors usually have limited functionality compared to websites created from scratch. Therefore, for online resources with a complex structure or special functionality, website constructors are not suitable.

How long does it take to develop?

There is no definite answer to this question because it all depends on the type of site, the complexity of its design and functionality, as well as the number of iterations in the design (edits). Thus, the creation of branding takes much less time than the development of an online shop. Therefore, naming the exact time frame can only be done after receiving all the information from the customer. But if we talk about minimalnіh terms, the project takes from 1 month and longer.

Website development cost
The cost of the site will depend on the complexity of the project.
Please leave your contact details for us to calculate the cost of the website. We will send you a short brief, drawn up by our marketing and development team, which will help us to give you the most accurate price. You can be guided by the prices below, but each individual site will be priced differently.
from 1 700 dollars
from 01 month

Personal account manager

Your account manager takes care of everything from the start of the project to its completion. He informs you about the progress of your development tasks and helps you resolve any issues that may arise.

SEO specialist

If a website is being created, it is likely to be planned for promotion. Engaging a SEO specialist at the development stage helps to solve many issues related to SEO optimization of the website, thus facilitating further promotion and avoiding mistakes in the early stages of project development.


A marketer makes sure that the site is a selling and user-oriented one. CTA buttons, offers, the order of blocks in terms of lidogeneration - all these nuances are better to take into account in the early stages of the project so that they do not have to finalize the site.


The designer is responsible for the initial prototype as well as the future website design, UI/UX and related visual components (illustrations, original icons or corporate identity if needed).


Responsible for the development of the site once the design is approved. He implements all the necessary aspects, creating not only a user-friendly website but also a clear and functional administration for future work with the online resource.


If it is necessary to fill a site with content, we involve a specialist in copywriting, which prepares sales texts for promoting products and services.