Case of promotion of an accounting website

  • Traffic from 0 to 2800
  • Term 6 months

Accounting topics in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet is very competitive. On the one hand, this complicates the SEO work, and on the other hand, it makes it more interesting for the Around web studio. The case of promoting an accounting website will show how such work is built and how effective it can be.

Initial data on the project

  • niche: accounting services;
  • region: Kharkiv and Kharkiv region;
  • search engine: Google;
  • traffic on the site before promotion: none;
  • promotion period: 6 months.

Beginning of cooperation: client’s goals

Around studio was contacted by the owner of a company providing accounting services. There was an impression that the client practically does not believe in the possibility of effective use of the site for business purposes. The accounting firm had a web resource, but its visibility and position in Google search results left much to be desired. Representatives of the studio discussed with the company’s owner the specifics of the development of the project and learned about the plans and tasks for SEO. The client wanted to sell services through the site and make a profit. The goals for Around are as follows:

  • increasing awareness of the accounting company;
  • Receipt of applications from the site for comprehensive accounting services and transfer of accounting for outsourcing by representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.


Preparing for the promotion of the accounting site

To form a promotion plan, Around representatives first of all study the market and the client site. In a specific case, the team studied the following:

  • general market situation;
  • demand for accounting services;
  • the main work of the customer’s competitors;
  • services provided by an accounting firm;
  • site status (technical audit completed).

Based on this, a plan was formed for 6 months of advancement in the search.

The main stages of SEO for an accounting website:

  1. A semantic core has been assembled with grouping (clustering) for the services provided by the company. For the influx of the target audience with small investments, an emphasis was placed on low-frequency queries.
  2. New landing pages for the offered accounting services have been created. Content has been prepared for them, meta tags have been written, etc.
  3. Comprehensive internal optimization has been carried out, aimed at eliminating errors and broken links, ensuring high page loading speed, setting up the robots.txt file, etc.
  4. A link profile has been generated. Around specialists used not only link and article exchanges, but also crowd marketing.

Promotion results:

  • positive dynamics in the growth of visibility and positions in the search has been noted since the end of the first month of promotion of the accounting site;
  • after six months of promotion, daily traffic from Google amounted to 100 unique visitors;
  • the proportion of targeted (transactional) traffic is constantly increasing in the transition structure;
  • the goal of applications / orders from the site for complex accounting services and / or bookkeeping for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses has been achieved.

Project perspective

Further growth of results will be ensured by a systematic increase in the reference mass and the publication of high-quality content. Additionally, you can use contextual advertising, which can also increase the recognition of an accounting company in the eyes of potential customers and increase the number of applications through the site.

Do you also have an accounting website that is not yet paying dividends? Contact representatives of the studio Around.

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