Landing page creation.

A landing page is a form of a one-page website that acts as a presentation of your product, service, or business. Such a site aims to turn as many users as possible into customers.
Stages of work
Scheme of work on the project for the development of the Landing page

Your request

You leave a request for the development of the Landing Page, and our manager will contact you.

Marketing research

We conduct comprehensive niche market research.

Promotion strategy

We developed a project promotion strategy based on the previously conducted marketing research.

Content writing

We create a "selling" text for the Landing Page.


At the prototyping stage, we develop a Landing Page.

Landing Page Design

Based on the created prototype, we developed a design layout.

Landing Page Audit

We audit the Landing Page, after which we place the Landing on the hosting.

Project presentation

At this stage, we show you the finished Landing Page and, if necessary, make the appropriate changes.

Running ads

We launch all advertising channels based on the chosen strategy for promoting the project.

Our main goal is to attract the maximum number of potential customers and achieve the highest landing page conversion rate. Work strategy when developing a landing page:
Target audience analysis

Our task is to correctly understand the product's target audience, determine the needs and desires of potential customers, and then provide interface solutions so that they have no other choice but to buy a product or use a service without a drop of doubt.

Competitor analysis

We conduct a deep analysis of the market, its saturation, volume, and the dynamics of demand to understand well what level your business occupies and with whom you will have to compete. First of all, a detailed analysis of competing sites with the presence of a Landing Page is carried out. We will borrow strengths from competitors and take advantage of their weaknesses so that in the end, the landing page will be the most effective and leave no chance for competitors.

Search engine and marketing text optimization

Using the right phrases and text structure for search engine optimization, choosing the right headlines, and a selling test are extremely important when developing a landing page for a product or service, so we take this issue more than seriously. Before we come up with a headline or write a text, we put ourselves in the visitor's place to understand how effective this or that text will be for a product or service. We try to convey the features and benefits of a product or service to the visitor as quickly and clearly as possible. The absence of superfluous is the key to the landing page's success.

Simplicity and efficiency Landing Page

The effectiveness of a landing page largely depends on its simplicity. The more elements and text used on the site, the more likely that the visitor will get confused about it and not make a purchase. We make the landing as simple and understandable as possible so that a person can confidently and freely go to make an order. Each element of the landing pushes the user to take the required action.

Unique Landing Page Design

Thanks to the professionalism of our designers, you will receive a unique landing page that will inspire trust among visitors by its very appearance. All details and wishes are agreed upon and approved by the customer. Remember that a landing page does not template timers, promotions, and discounts. The task of landing is to sell a product, and the right design plays an important role.

Let's do a cool project together.
Popular questions about landing page development
Why do you need a Landing Page?

So, if you ended up on this page, you most likely need to increase the number of customers and, as a result, increase sales and order an effective Landing Page to promote a product or service from professionals. If the above is about you, then an effective landing page for a product or service is definitely what you need.
Let's understand what Landing is. A landing page, also known as a landing or landing page, acts as a one-page site. The Landing Page's main goal is to do everything so that a person who is interested in your product or service gets to the site, understands that this is exactly the product or service that he needs, and makes an order.
The beauty of one-page landings is that it takes much less time to develop (usually no more than two weeks) and much fewer material costs. At the same time, the income received and the payback of the landing page is much higher than that of any other type of Internet marketing because. a clear focus on a specific product or service allows you to increase the marketing effectiveness of the page to the limit.
You can order the development of a Landing Page for your service or product at the AROUND WEB digital agency! Our offices are located in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

How Does a Landing Page Work?

Everything is pretty simple. The main task of Landing is to turn as many people as possible who are interested in a product or service into real customers.
The landing page has two main tasks: attracting visitors from the network (search engines or targeting and contextual advertising systems) and imperceptibly forcing a person to force him to buy a product or use a service.
The greater the percentage of people the page encourages to place an order, the higher its effectiveness. This metric is called a landing page conversion. The average conversion rate for landing pages is 10-15%. This means that if your page is visited by 500 people a day, you will receive approximately 2,000 new customers per month, 20% of which can become your regular customers and bring you 80% of your main income. All that is required of you is to order the development of a landing page from professionals and watch the increase in the profitability of the business you are engaged in.
The digital agency "AROUND WEB" will help develop an effective Landing Page in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Landing tasks

The landing page has two main tasks: to attract visitors from the network (search engines or targeting and contextual advertising systems) and imperceptibly for a person to force to buy a product or use a service.

Responsive Landing page (responsive design)

To make the resource comfortable for viewing on different devices, it is necessary to create an adaptive design. This design aims to make the content of a web page display appropriate to the device from which they are viewed, regardless of the format and screen of a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. By ordering such a site, browsing the pages will be convenient. For example, when viewing a responsive landing page, mobile users will not have to zoom in on specific areas not to miss the desired link.

What is one block?

One block is a functional element that carries a complete semantic load and is a single element in terms of programming. Blocks are different both in terms of the complexity of visual execution and in terms of layout. Complex blocks include blocks of non-standard shape, with many animation effects, pop-up windows, and so on.
We always consider optimizing the productivity of the landing page so we do not overload the page with unnecessary elements and effects. The cost of one block starts from $$.

SEO optimization

SEO serves further to increase its ranking in search engines, that is, for the resource to rank better, which in turn leads to an increase in traffic to your landing page. By ordering high-quality optimization from us, you increase the number of visitors to the landing.

Content Management System (CMS)

For the most convenient and optimal management of the site's content, it is very important to set up a content management system with high quality. This software allows the customer to significantly speed up and simplify the work of updating and changing the information on the site.
By ordering such a system, you can manage both the content and structure of the site, change and add products to the catalog, edit texts, post news and change graphics, update sections, pages, and much more.

Setting up UTM tags

The UTM tag makes it possible to obtain additional characteristics of the traffic source and other data necessary for analyzing an advertising campaign. Tags can consist of one or more parameters added to the URL. They help analyze website traffic. Today, almost all modern web analytics systems understand tags. Tags, unlike all other information, do not have standards.

Landing cost
The cost of a Landing Page will depend on the project's complexity.
For us to calculate the landing cost, leave your contact details. We will send you a small brief compiled by our marketers and developers, which will help us quote the most accurate price for a landing page.
1 300 $ 2 700
1 000 $ budget
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