Case of promotion of a construction site

  • Traffic has grown by 500%
  • Growth of requests 253%
  • Conversion growth 786%
  • Something else 10 pieces.

Large construction companies maintain their leading positions through offline promotion and advertising methods. But smaller players can and should use SEO. The online construction and renovation industry is highly competitive. But if you look at some sites on the TOP, you can see that they look very outdated. How an online construction business can use this for their purposes shows a practical case of the studio Around.

What was originally

The studio was contacted by the owners of a construction company represented in Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region. The company had a website but almost no traffic. The customer wanted to use the Internet more efficiently for business purposes, including:

  • introduce the target audience to the company;
  • receive requests for construction services from the site.

What did the Around studio team do

Work on search promotion started with analytics. Representatives of the studio studied the niche and the site being promoted:

  • analyzed the market situation in the promotion region (Kharkiv and the region);
  • the list of services of a construction company has been studied;
  • consumer demand for the services offered has been studied;
  • A technical audit of the company’s website was carried out for errors, technical optimization, page content quality, and compliance with the stated promotion goals.

Since competition in the construction niche on the Internet is relatively high, the customer was offered a long-term promotion strategy for 12 months. In this case, the Around team guaranteed a reduction in the cost of attracting organic traffic while achieving the expected results – an increase in traffic and applications.

Stages of building site promotion:

  1. We made up the semantic core. The emphasis is on wide coverage of keys to promote the project for all services (requests) offered on the site.
  2. Created new landing pages for promoted construction services. Particular attention is paid to content since texts and videos on such sites are much more likely to interest the target audience than, say, in online clothing or technology stores.
  3. We thought over the “selling” elements – those components on the site and individual pages that incline a potential customer to make a decision and increase his level of confidence in the construction company.
  4. Increased link mass. In this matter, concerning this niche, it is necessary to distribute the budget by month correctly. Increased activity in terms of forming a link profile is welcomed during the recession of the season (and for builders, this is the cold season).

What did the search promotion of a construction company give

The total promotion period was 12 months. But the first results came much earlier. Main achievements of SEO:

  • positive dynamics in terms of visibility in the search and growth of positions in the issuance of Google appeared already at the end of the first month of promotion;
  • the first orders for construction services on the site came after 4 months of SEO;
  • After a year of work, the Around studio reached 300 unique users per day (at the time of the start, traffic was close to zero).

What will improve these results

For further growth of traffic and online applications, it is necessary to work on creating high-quality content on construction topics, to strengthen priority pages through internal optimization and link building. Furthermore, links should be received from exchanges and on specialized forums and other sites (crowd marketing).

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