The essence of PPC outsourcing as a method of organising a company's marketing is to delegate its powers to digital agency specialists or other contractors with the necessary qualifications to promote and advertise goods and services on behalf of the customer.
Work process
Today, PPC is the most common form of digital advertising targeting various search engines and social media. However, attracting traffic using Google and Bing services that work on the PPC model takes work, as it requires the appropriate effort and competence from the online marketer in interacting with various platforms. Digital agency «Around Web», having a vast arsenal of cases in its practice, will help you implement PPC services on outsourcing - generate click flows, direct them to increase primary sales and re-conversion, consistently implementing the stages of an effective algorithm.


The outsourced PPC team begins a qualified client interaction with keyword research and analysis of an existing PPC campaign on Google or Bing, using both standard analytics tools and proprietary methods.

Predicting results

An expanded list of keywords allows you to optimise channels in terms of their effectiveness in search engines, build the right strategy and plan a budget based on ROI.

Campaign setup

Launching a campaign with updated settings from «Around Web» for outsourcing contextual advertising is about placing content and choosing directions to manage PPC rates effectively.

Communication with the client

After launching PPC outsourcing, you need to track conversions and analyse traffic clearly. Since PPC advertising is dynamic, the process of communication with the client is an integral part of our activity.

Monthly reporting

The «Around Web» team of professionals continuously monitors traffic and provides the client with a transparent reporting system based on the results of implemented outsourcing activities.

In the world of dynamic digital marketing, it is essential to have a reliable and experienced outsourced PPC partner armed with modern methods and tools to increase the effectiveness of PPC.
Ability to transfer work at any stage

There is no doubt about the competence of specialists in the field of outsourcing contextual advertising management. Even if your PPC advertising campaign is already functioning (albeit not as effectively as you would like it to be), you still have a chance to transfer your functions to more reliable hands. Professional marketers will be able to understand the essence of the ongoing process at any stage and seize the initiative based on competent analytics. An experienced outsourcing agency knows precisely how the PPC system works; therefore, a preliminary analysis is enough for it to integrate into the process.

Team of specialists

Since launching a PPC campaign requires you to have the appropriate skills, time and financial resources, you may need more than the experience and qualifications of your employees may not be enough to do it. Accordingly, there is a need for additional hiring of several employees in related areas, and the cost of maintaining such a staff is undoubtedly growing. The outsourcing service will provide you with a comprehensive solution for recruiting a team of specialists specialising in strategy, contextual advertising on Google and Bing, design, content, analytics, etc.

Service cost

The price of outsourcing Google and Bing contextual advertising services varies depending on the amount of delegated work, which you can negotiate with «Around Web» in advance. By default, such a list may consist of account settings, traffic tracking, key analysis and bid management, ad optimisation for SMM, remarketing, and much more. Under the usual business model, you can try to do it all on your own or with the help of your office. Still, no one cancelled the salary of a marketer, analyst, designer, and contextologist. At the same time, a balanced set of digital services can cost a PPC outsourcing customer much less and will not exceed the average monthly salary of your in-house marketer.

Competent AC setting

«Around Web» customers and the outsourced PPC team are a kind of tandem of like-minded people. The customer generates ideas and brings the tasks to the performer. At the same time, the agency's high-class team of specialists performs the appropriate settings and activities to promote the product using PPC. The specialisation of each of our employees has as its goal the implementation of narrowly focused functions of an expert, which in general brings the customer's company a synergistic effect from the received outsourcing services.

Experience in promoting different areas

«Around Web» Digital Agency continuously monitors industry trends in PPC outsourcing to provide its clients with access to up-to-date marketing knowledge. The improvement of the PPC strategy on outsourcing and the implementation of developments in the customer's advertising campaign is based on those cases and tests that our experts have already encountered. And therefore, such cooperation will make PPC as effective as possible.

Let's do a cool project together.
Choosing an outsourced contextual advertising partner must be approached competently and responsibly because by delegating the functions of placing and optimising PPC in Google and Bing to an unscrupulous contractor, you can lose your business reputation and have problems with information security in general. In this context, it is quite logical that the client will be concerned about the feasibility of a future solution. In addition, you may have questions if this type of business model is fundamentally new to use when building your strategy.
Next, we offer you a blitz in the "question-answer" format, which will help you finally decide on the choice in favour of PPC outsourcing.
What does outsourcing PPC include?

A complete algorithm for outsourcing contextual advertising services consists of a cycle of operations that begins with data collection and analysis, market and competitor research, and keyword analysis. Next, the outsourcing advertising agency proceeds to develop a strategy regarding content, placement channels and directions for generating targeted traffic. It also determines the cost and budget based on the planned PPC volumes and key performance metrics. Setting up an advertising campaign and an analytics system is the next step for specialists: we test headlines and keyword groups, build bidding strategies, select analytical tools and monitor them on an ongoing basis, make adjustments, etc. Also, an important element of PPC outsourcing is the ability to set up remarketing and retargeting for existing campaigns and a campaign on the Display Network.

How much does outsourcing PPC service cost?

The cost of outsourcing PPC services is formed based on your requests, business scaling, budget and other factors. In addition, the package price may include setting up media and mobile advertising, in-depth analytics, and more. Additional costs are also the services of a designer, SEO, site and SMM content manager, copywriter, brand manager support, etc., in the case of integrating PPC into the integrated marketing strategy of the customer company. To clarify the final cost of outsourcing services for contextual advertising in Google and Bing, you just need to contact our consultant, who will help you make all the necessary calculations completely free of charge, taking into account the wishes and complexity of such work.

How to understand that advertising campaigns are effective?

Outsourcing of contextual advertising management from «Around Web» is transparent and objective. We are not silent about the results and procedures of our work. It is quite easy for the customer to track our activity; for this, it is enough just to monitor the analytics system and analyse the key PPC metrics (CTR, number of transitions and conversions, etc.). Another important indicator is the ROI for PPC, which reflects the real return on financial investments in advertising activities. Complete information about the launch of contextual advertising is provided in the agency's regular reports, which simultaneously contain recommendations for optimisation.

How to improve the effectiveness of contextual advertising?

There are additional opportunities to increase the effectiveness of outsourcing contextual advertising management. So, simple actions aimed at testing ads, choosing the right keywords, constantly monitoring traffic, correct account settings, etc., can provide qualitative and quantitative positive dynamics of PPC performance. «Around Web» experts will help you systematically monitor and analyse PPC results and respond to consumer behaviour promptly, making appropriate adjustments to your strategy.