Case of promotion of a tourist site

  • Traffic has grown by 50%
  • Growth of requests 253%
  • Term 6 months

Professional SEO can be successful for an online business, as is best seen in practice. Your attention is a case from Around on the promotion of a travel company.

What happened before the promotion of the travel agency website

The studio was contacted by representatives of a travel agency located in Kharkiv and is focused on customers from this region. At the time of contact, there was traffic on their website, but it came exclusively for information requests. It did not give the business the expected economic dividends – an increase in customers and sales.

The task was to change the current situation, that is, to increase the number of targeted (commercial) calls to the travel agency due to organic traffic from Google – calls to order services and/or completed online applications for the selection of tours.

What has been done to promote the travel agency

Since the work did not start from scratch, and the site already had traffic and certain positions in the search, an analysis of the current state of affairs was first carried out. First, it was necessary to identify why the web resource was perceived more as an information portal than a travel company aimed at customers. The reason for the bias towards information traffic lay in incorrectly composed semantics.

A new travel website promotion strategy was formed, aimed at attracting users for commercial (transactional) requests. For this, the following steps have been taken:

  • the services provided by the company have been studied in detail;
  • the most promising areas of activity are determined in terms of both business and search promotion, namely “tours to Turkey”, “tours to Egypt”, etc.;
  • a new semantic core has been formed with an emphasis on the commercial component, that is, travel agency services;
  • the site structure has been changed: first of all, new landing pages with vacation offers for clients have been added;
  • work has been done to increase the link mass to increase the positions of pages that provide targeted commercial traffic.

Website promotion lasted for 6 months. During this time, the situation for the travel company has changed dramatically.


What happened after half a year

Around achieved the objectives set by the customer. Main results after six months of work:

  1. Total traffic from search engines to the web resource increased by 50% compared to the original position.
  2. The position of the site in Google has risen for commercial (transactional) queries, such as “tours to Turkey”.
  3. The growth of applications – requests through the tour selection form – for 6 months of promotion amounted to 253%.
  4. The number of paid tours increased 14 times (1400%).
  5. The structure of organic traffic has changed, if earlier it was clicks only on information requests, now the site is visited mainly by potential customers – people who want to go on vacation.

The market of tourist services in Ukraine is characterized by increased competition. And if earlier it was so offline, now it is online. Therefore, a tourist site should not only inform a potential client but act as a virtual sales office for tours and various related services. This can be achieved through effective search engine optimization and promotion. It, as the case of Around web studio shows, can give tangible results in 6 months and costs much less for the customer than traditional types of advertising.

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Continued promotion of the travel agency website.

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