Travel website promotion

SEO promotion of travel sites

  1. The first thing we will do is connect the analytical data collection systems and add the resource to Yandex Webmaster and Google Search Console.
  2. Let’s collect the semantic core – we will focus on regions, as well as varieties of tourist destinations. After collecting the semantics, we will divide the collected keywords into groups.
  3. Set up indexing.
  4. Let’s optimize the technical component of the web resource: remove broken links and duplicate pages, work on the site loading speed and, of course, don’t forget to set redirect 301.
  5. Next, let’s start optimizing the titles and descriptions for each individual landing page – make them individual and unique.
  6. We will distribute the previously collected keys to specially prepared PSs.
  7. We will increase the number of pages by regularly updating the site, and add new subsections and pages describing new tours.
  8. Let’s set up a competent relinking of the site.
  9. As new tours appear on the site, we will collect additional search queries for them and add them to the required PS.
  10. In order to make ready-made landing pages even better, we will carefully study competitors and implement the most valuable and useful ideas on the site.

Case for SEO promotion of a travel agency website – Part 2

Travel Agency Promotion - Part 1

What are the features of website optimization and promotion for a travel agency
  • Seasonality

    To promote the site as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to carefully study the history of each search query and identify the most favorable time for promotion.

  • Extended semantics

    Due to the specifics of the tourist theme, the semantic core is quite impressive.

  • Particular attention should be paid to the content

    It is important to add an informative and valuable description for each tour. This is necessary not only to increase traffic but also to increase conversion rates. In addition, the more detailed and colorful each tour is described, the fewer questions the site visitors will have.

  • High quality photos are a must. What for?

    Photos alone should already make potential customers want to go on a tour offered by a travel agency.

  • Don’t forget about the blog

    The more helpful information about travel and the nuances of holidays abroad is on the site, the more targeted traffic can be attracted, and it, in turn, can be converted into site customers.

  • An important role goes to the pricing policy and the variety of tours.

    On each category LP, it is necessary to register as much information as possible. However, it is also important not to forget about the detailed description of each section.

  • Every page needs to be top notch.

    Each LP must contain the following elements:

    • map with the route the tour will take;
    • customer reviews;
    • instructions on what vital things you need to take with you on the road and how to get there;
    • A video review must be attached to each tour;
    • It is also important to implement a small Q&A section;
    • and finally, it is important to include links that will lead potential customers to similar and additional tours that may be of more interest to them.
Our next steps in the process of website promotion
  1. Working on optimizing the new Landing Pages.
  2. Developing keywords and distributing them across landing pages – introducing new keywords with medium and low frequency.
  3. Improving the usability of the site – we will make it even more convenient and, thereby, attract even more customers and increase conversion rates, which will favorably affect its promotion in search engines.
What will you get as a result of the promotion of the travel agency?
  • Relevance of the travel agency resource to various user requests;
  • Quality text and media content;
  • Full return on investment in travel agency advertising;
  • Usability at the highest level;
  • Growth in sales and other conversion indicators of the travel agency.

Travel agency website promotion case – Part 1

Case for SEO promotion of a travel agency website - Part 2

Useful tips for promoting a travel agency:

The most important thing for promoting a travel agency website is the presence on the website of separate landing pages for early booking tours, last minute tours, insurance services and other relevant search queries.

When creating sites for travel agencies, the most optimal solution will be grouping by country and type of recreation. Types of recreation can be divided into example, beach holidays, ski resorts, holidays on cruise ships, New Year’s, Christmas, weekends, May holidays, etc.

Information content also affects the quality of website promotion. To attract more users, it is necessary, in addition to information directly about tours (cost, living conditions, etc.), to dilute the content with high-quality and colorful photos and useful information.

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