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Task: to develop an adaptive website with the ability to select and book tours, tickets, and hotels around the world for the Kharkiv travel agency “Estet-Tour”.

The tourism business is based on the rapid processing and exchange of up-to-date information. Professional development of a site for a travel agency helps solve a set of tasks facing companies operating in the field of tourist services. Creating truly working sites is a complex process involving qualified technical specialists. The price of a high-quality WEB project in the total cost of organizing a tourism business is minimal. At the same time, the advantages of using are quickly converted into profits for the travel agency.

Development of a website for the travel agency "Estet-Tour"

Our advantages in developing a travel agency website

The staff of qualified specialists is ready to embody the most daring ideas in tourism. We combine unique design with quality content. The modular construction of sites with live-rich functionality is the key to success in the tourism business.

Clear deadlines for task completion

Given the seasonality of the tourism business, we will develop and configure the resource in strict accordance with the terms specified in the contract. Work on the terms of reference for creating the site begins immediately after the customer fills out the brief. In the process of design development, we always consider the customer’s comments and, if necessary, make adjustments.

Before starting work, we calculate the cost and negotiate it in the contract

By concluding a written contract, we stipulate a price that can change in working on the site up or down by no more than 30%. In each case, the cost of work is calculated by considering the specifics of a particular project.

Website development experience

We have rich experience in creating websites on platforms ideal for working with CRM accounting programs, which are essential and often used in the tourism business.

Doing a niche analysis

Before starting work on the site, we carefully analyze development trends and current trends in the development of the tourism industry. Then, an analysis of competing travel agencies will allow you to create an original website that will become a real hallmark of your business.

Immediately optimize for Google page speed

All our projects fully meet the modern technical optimization requirements regarding page loading speed and mobile adaptation, thanks to the Google page speed tool. The high speed of our sites will help increase page traffic and reduce the time of serving tourists.

Immediately, we do according to the requirements of Google and SEO

Our programmers will make the correct cross-browser layout and settings for the proper indexing of the site. This will give the resource good behavioral factors and allow it to take high positions in search results. As a result, we create quality projects for people without unnecessary re-optimization. For businesses, this is an opportunity to increase the customer base and corporate profits quickly.

Development of a website for the travel agency "Estet-Tour" part 2

Creating a website for a travel agency

The development of a website for a travel agency or travel agency includes a number of stages, the main of which are:

  • design;
  • design development;
  • control system installation and programming;
  • filling with content.

We are ready to do all the work from scratch, ensuring a competitive price at each stage.

The next step was promotion of the travel agency website.


How functional are your sites on mobile devices?

We make websites with an adaptive layout for mobile devices.

Will there be a site for a travel agency that sells?

Yes, we make websites designed for high conversion.

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