Case of promotion of a legal website

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  • 9 months 9 months

Legal topics on the Internet are highly competitive, so promotion repels customers with large budgets or long periods. But with the right approach to SEO, you can relatively quickly and inexpensively attract targeted traffic, which later converts well into an order for paid services. More details about such work in practice will be discussed in the case of the Around web studio.

Initial data: the state of the legal site and the goals of the customer

We were approached by representatives of a law firm providing its services in Kharkiv and the region. She already had a website, but there was no traffic at all at that time. Nevertheless, it was distinguished by low information content and usefulness for the target audience.

The main task set before the Around studio is to increase the number of requests (applications) from the web resource for paid legal services of the company.

Around promotion actions

The project team created to promote the legal website performed the following work:

  1. I analyzed the legal services market in the promotion region (Kharkiv and the region) and determined the state of supply and demand. The services offered by the law firm were also examined. Taking into account the high level of competition, a plan for nine months of promotion was formed and approved by the customer.
  2. Assembled the semantic core. Applicable to sites of this subject – this is an extremely responsible job. Thus, the phrases “legal services” and “legal assistance” are very broad and not specified. Plus, the work areas with individuals (specific citizens who apply to lawyers) and legal entities (business) differ significantly. Based on the analysis of the activities of the customer company, the Around team identified priority areas and groups of keys for them. uploads/61951951.jpg” alt=”” width=”750″ height=”472″ />
  3. Created new pages on the legal site corresponding to the services offered.
  4. Optimized new and existing pages. Work on the errors was carried out (duplicate texts were eliminated, broken links were eliminated, instructions for Google search bots were checked, the relevance of the information offered to the audience was checked), templates for meta tags were formed, and the main pages were filled, internal linking was performed, the site loading speed was tested, etc. e.
  5. I worked out the link profile of the site. Due to the great competition, it is almost impossible to reach the TOP for legal topics without high-quality links from authoritative resources. Various methods of link building are used, including the purchase of eternal links, crowd management, social integration, etc.

Legal site promotion results

Nine months of promotion with the actions listed above increased the position of the project in Google search results. Traffic figures have reached 120 unique users per day, and a competitive structure and quality content help maintain this momentum.

Separately, it is necessary to single out the first applications from the site for ordering legal services, which the client company could not boast of before the promotion done by the Around studio.

Conclusions and recommendations

It is crucial to analyze the niche correctly in promoting online legal projects. This work will allow you to create high-quality semantics, work out the site’s structure, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in the issue. In addition, you can speed up the achievement of results from SEO with the help of contextual advertising, SMM, SERM, and PR.

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