SEO Case | Promotion of project and task management system (Saas)

  • Traffic per month from 0 to 1200
  • Registrations per month from 0 to 100
  • Promotion period 6 months

SEO Case | Promotion of project and task management system (Saas)

Promotion period — 6 months

Traffic — from 0 to 1200 per month

Registrations — from 0 to 100 per month

Intasker: is an easy-to-use, effective and productive team management software that will help essentially increase your team’s efficiency at work.

Basic work on SEO

SEO site optimization started from scratch in 2019, even though the domain was registered in 2015. The site was not receiving search traffic and had no visibility in search engines.

In 5 months, we have done the following work:

Keyword research and site structure development

At the first stage, the semantic core and structure of the site were developed, the pages to be created were determined, and a content plan was drawn up.

The site structure was developed, which included landing and service pages, as well as a blog.

Technical SEO for project and task management system

A technical SEO audit of the site was carried out, problems in the operation of the site from the point of view of SEO were identified, technical specifications for programmers were drawn up and submitted for correction.

Often, the customer attracts a programmer from his side, as they are involved in the maintenance and development of web applications in a complex manner. In this case, it is important to work out communication and provide the most comfortable conditions for interaction between the SEO team and the website development/maintenance team.

After the implementation of the changes from the audit, the site pages were sent for re-indexing in Google tools, a small number of pages and an optimized structure made it possible to achieve a quick indexing of the site.

Separately, I would like to note the site navigation — this is a distinctive feature of this project. The site does not have a main menu as such, it contains only important and necessary commercial links, it also contains three blocks with links in the footer and SILO-optimized linking.

Content Marketing and Text SEO Optimization

Relevant and high-quality content, implemented on landing pages and blogs, not only increases the position in Google, but also helps to achieve the main goals of the project:

  • increasing the target audience and repeat visits;
  • increasing customer engagement;
  • increasing the visibility of the project;
  • traffic attraction;
  • lead generation;
  • increasing loyalty;
  • registration and sale.

To write the content, an expert copywriter was involved, who has the necessary experience in working with project and task management products and is able to take into account SEO requirements when writing content, such as the inclusion and distribution of keywords in the text, compliance with a certain article structure, etc.

Thus, text descriptions for landing pages were compiled and the blog was filled.

Metadata and CTR Optimization

The Title and Meta Description tags were compiled and filled in according to the semantic core. Emoji and special characters are included in the meta description to increase the attractiveness of the snippet, and various micro-markup has been added.

With the help of simple and short time-consuming actions, the visibility of the site in Search Engines, as well as the CTR level, are optimized.

External optimization

When promoting this site, we also used various link building strategies to increase positions and thus get more traffic.

A feature of the link building of this project is the strengthening of links, building the 2nd level with crowd links.

Results of SEO optimization of the project and task management system

Within 5 months, the set goals were achieved. At the moment, the number of registrations is more than 100 per month, of which more than 70% are organic visitors.

Separately, I would like to mention the benefits of the blog, the following screenshot shows that users came to information requests for quality content, received an answer to their question in the form of a software product and registered to test the free trial version of the product.

Thus, we can conclude that SEO optimization together with content marketing is a successful and one of the most budgetary channels for attracting customers.

For 2022, the search traffic of the site is more than 1000 visitors.

The traffic is stable, has no dips. Over the past 12 months, traffic has amounted to about 19 thousand users.

Approximately 5% of traffic is converted into registrations, which is a very high indicator and speaks of the quality of the resource, as well as the highest content marketing performance.

In 2022, it was decided to resume the promotion of the resource in search engines to get more traffic and leads.

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