A technical SEO audit

is not just software site optimisation in its simplest form. It is a multifaceted set of actions and tools that allow the site to be configured according to the recommendations of search engines and consider the relevance of content and data structuring. The technical side of the issue, mediated by a technical SEO audit, is important.
Principles of Work
Technical SEO audit service is one of the main activities of digital agency Around Web. Our technical SEO experts dive deep into search engine optimisation and provide the client with comprehensive recommendations on building organic traffic and maximising user interaction results.

Detailed Analysis

The software part of the technical SEO audit services for each project consists of a detailed elaboration of the structural SEO elements, analysis of the performance of the website, the usability for mobile devices, micro-layout and other parts of the site.


To be with the client on the same wave and consider their needs - the main principle of "Around Web" as an agency for technical search engine optimisation. Therefore, before moving on in their work, all the recommendations provided before their direct implementation are coordinated with the customer. Our agency also cooperates with performers from the customer's side.

Experience in SEO

"Around Web" has earned clients' trust through the quality work of technical SEO consultants with more than five years of experience in the Ukrainian and Western markets. Agency specialists use the best tools in the service of technical SEO audits. However, long-term practice is confirmed only by real cases from reliable partners.

Detailed Reporting

As a result of a high-quality technical SEO audit, you will receive a detailed structured report in the format "error - reason - recommendations for elimination. The main advantage of the document is that our specialists will not only offer you a description of the technical problem you have encountered and point to its source but will also provide clear recommendations for its elimination. In addition, we develop alternative solutions and detail the report as deeply as the customer requires.

The main points of technical SEO-audit
Like any other technical SEO agency, "Around Web" has its own secrets of successful work, which are that there is no single universal scheme for the audit, as well as there, are absolutely no identical client companies. Below are the most important points of our work.
Indexing, Robots.txt and XML sitemap

Site indexing is getting information about your web resource's content based on search bots' work. Only by having data in the search engine index can your site show up in search results - that's why indexing is so important and is subject to control by technical SEO. Using files robots.txt and sitemap.xml, specialists "Around Web" as a result of internal optimisation will adjust recommendations to ban or offer for indexing pages intended for users.

Site architecture analysis

The functions of the technical SEO audit specialists also include an analysis of the site's architecture, including the software component. In particular, the site's structure is to be studied - types of pages, linking, nesting, etc. The right structure provides the desired result for the user and the maximum return for the resource owner. That is why the technical SEO-audit specialists from "Around Web" are client-oriented and develop their recommendations based on the fact that the site's architecture is closely linked to its content and effective optimisation for search algorithms.

Loading Speed

The reputation and attendance of web pages depend on their loading speed. Therefore, finding and eliminating deficiencies in the performance of a web resource is one of the main tasks of the technical SEO audit experts from "Around Web". Considering this factor, search engine optimisation is based on identifying and using key loading speed indicators - LCP, FID, CLS and others- and the overall loading speed score (by page speed insights) or speed in seconds.

Convenience for users with mobile devices

The presence of a mobile version of the project and the ease of using it provides an increase in traffic. Adapting web pages for any type of device and its screen should be accompanied by a fully functional version with a low bounce rate. "Around Web" and its technical SEO audit consultants will develop recommendations for adaptive design and dynamic display and help make the customer's site mobile-friendly.

Internal relinking

One of the ways to improve usability is internal linking, which links web pages with the correct hyperlinks inside. At the same time, using linking as a technical SEO optimisation tool can improve site indexing and redistribute the link weight of the resource. The technical SEO consulting provided by Around Web will provide you with properly designed internal links and raise the authority of your landing pages.

Optimising Images

Content should be diluted with pictures, videos and other media/infographics, but the owners of web resources seeking to make their pages interesting often need to consider whether it is correct from a technical point of view. Experts of agency "Around Web" will check and help to adjust the parameters of placed graphic objects, their sizes and alternative attributes. This will optimise the loading speed, increase page relevance and snippet, and get more traffic in search for images/videos.

Checking for duplicate content

The main SEO mistakes include duplicate content, which leads to a drop in traffic and a decrease in the search ranking of the web resource. Furthermore, the presence of identical or similar content on the site minimises the chances of your pages getting to the top of the search engine since the system algorithms do not display repeating fragments in the final list but only select those that are (in their opinion) the optimal version of the content or do not show any of the duplicate pages. Eliminate this shortcoming can be addressed to the professionals of the agency for technical search engine optimisation for recommendations and, then, implementation on the site.

Server response codes

The user often encounters server response codes on pages when performing a search. A client error (404) and redirect (3XX) are the most common. There are also server errors 5ХХ, directly affecting the rating of the web resource. The conclusion is begging for itself: It is necessary to resort to the services of technical SEO consulting. It is important for us not only to eliminate the problem as quickly as possible but also to understand its essence in order to prevent its reappearance.

Checking canonical and hreflang attributes

The canonical URL and the hreflang attribute require a special approach in technical SEO auditing. Setting up canonical pages in the web page section allows search engine algorithms to recognise duplicates and handle them in the right way, eliminating duplicates and non-relevant pages. In turn, hreflang "tells" the search engine which version of the web page linguistically matches the user's language and search region. Setting hreflang attributes allows sites with multiple language versions to rank for search queries in different regions and/or languages.

Checking pagination pages

The - pagination is an orderly numbering of pages used on the site to display them sequentially. The proper setup of pagination relies on the technical component of SEO, in particular checking that the canonical attribute is correct, that there is a page index in the metadata and title, and identifying duplicate content. Our specialists will help to ensure that pagination pages are handled correctly, based on the need to cover all pagination pages and their content but showing only optimised content to users.

Checking metadata

Metadata is the face of your web resource that shows search engine users public information about a page's content and its elements. Metadata control involves checking that such elements as the Title, meta Description and H1 title are written correctly. These tags are used to form a snippet of the page in search results. The better the metadata are filled out, the more likely your ad will be clicked in search when the site is shown on the rendering page. For technical SEO, metadata is particularly important as information is centred in the semantic core and seen by the search robot. Trust control of your page's content only to proven experts who can provide actionable optimisation recommendations.

Checking the presence and uniqueness of the content

Checking the presence and uniqueness of content is an integral element of a technical SEO audit. Consultants from our agency use only proven programs to check uniqueness. In addition, unique content is the key to the success of product promotion. The specialists of "Around Web" will provide a structured report and recommendations for your website and, if necessary, help to develop it, ensuring the maximum uniqueness percentage.

Let's do a cool project together.
Often the main points of technical SEO audit cause the customer a number of questions.
Below are answers to some of them, which will help to clarify the situation and make a decision in favour of the digital agency "Around Web".
What are the goals and objectives of a technical SEO audit?

"Around Web" offers its customers advanced solutions in the field of search engine optimisation. The main goal, in this case, will be the maximum satisfaction of customer needs, expressed in concrete terms of his web resource and the financial results obtained by it from the implemented measures within the proposed recommendations. Achieving this goal is achieved by solving blocks of the following tasks:
scan the web resource and search for indexing problems;
checking of technical elements;
a study of visual content problems;
checking internal links;
speed and productivity study;
diagnostics of mobile versions performance.

Why is it important to conduct technical SEO audits?

Today, technical SEO audits are becoming more and more widespread among representatives of digital businesses, and solving their tasks is considered in conjunction with building an effective SEO strategy. It is important not only to carry out search engine optimisation but also to evaluate the scale of arising technical problems, their systematic nature and their source of origin, which generally affects the performance of project pages. Sometimes more than independent efforts will be needed. That's why we recommend applying only to proven agencies for technical SEO.

When do you need a technical audit?

In essence, technical SEO services are activities to monitor, analyse and fix problems in the software component. Regardless of what stage of the life cycle your company is at, we recommend technical SEO audits. The audit starts with technical recommendations for creating a website (when developing a new project) and continues, as a rule, after the roll-out of the site or the comprehensive promotion of an existing site. Another reason to turn to experts in technical SEO is a decrease in search engine rankings, in which case a technical audit can be supplemented by link or content audits.

What tools are used for technical auditing?

A set of technical SEO tools contains a variety of tools from leading developers and digital agencies. Of course, the most common are software products - these are analytics services from Google (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, Structured Data Testing Tools). However, progressive consulting firms working in the plane of SEO-audit use additional solutions, among which:
Screaming Frog,
Netpeak services and others

Who performs the implementation of technical audit edits?

As a result of the technical SEO audit, the client receives a report and a list of recommendations for site optimisation. They relate to the speed of loading the resource, the quality of its content, the work of mobile pages, etc. The developers often make changes to the site, who maintain the site and are familiar with its architecture/engine/other features. The client can implement the proposed document independently if desired, and a contractor is available. In another case, we offer our development department. The advantage of our specialists is that they are well-versed in the technical nuances of SEO and have the appropriate qualifications and years of experience in such tasks, as they are "sharpened" specifically for SEO.

How much does a technical SEO audit cost?

The cost of technical SEO audit fluctuates and cannot be fixed due to various pricing and competitive factors. In addition, based on the structure of such works, we distinguish two main blocks offered for implementation within the framework of cooperation with the customer. The first - is actually a technical audit of the Web resource, and the second - is the introduction of recommendations for search engine optimisation based on the results of the previous stage if our company was chosen for that. Therefore, to detail the cost of the service, you need to contact our consultants for technical SEO and to clarify the final cost of your request.