Case of promotion of the website of the manufacturer of heating boilers

  • Traffic growth by 375%
  • Term 6 months

Today, manufacturing companies solve sales problems in different ways. Again, how effectively you can sell your products on your own via the Internet will demonstrate the practical case of the Around web studio. This time – for the promotion of the site of the plant producing heating boilers.

Promotion input

We were approached by representatives of a plant located in the Kharkiv region. The company’s main specialization is the manufacture and sale of heating boilers in Kharkiv and Ukraine as a whole. At the request, the manufacturer already had its website. However, it generated relatively modest traffic: about 30-40 people visited it daily.

The company’s executives were not satisfied with the poor efficiency of the network: both a small number of visitors and practically absent calls and / or orders from the web resource. The task of increasing targeted (transactional) traffic from Google was set before the Around studio team.

Promotion of the website of the boiler manufacturer

To form a search promotion strategy, preliminary analytical work was carried out. Representatives of the Around studio studied the market in which the manufacturing company operates:

  • determined the range of products manufactured by the plant (these are boilers of various types – electric, solid fuel, gas);
  • identified the target audience of the company;
  • analyzed the demand for goods;
  • assessed the market situation and positions in the search results of the main competitors (promotion region – Kharkiv and Ukraine, a search engine – Google).

The site of the plant was also analyzed in detail. Its optimization for the requirements of search engines, promotion, and advertising on the network was previously given insufficient attention. To change this state of affairs, the Around studio project team did the following:

  • collected semantics for the main product groups offered on the site, that is, mainly boilers. The emphasis was placed on transactional (commercial) requests that will ensure the influx of targeted traffic;
  • created new product categories and product cards on the site;
  • performed internal optimization of pages for search queries;
  • worked with the link profile, aimed at increasing the weight of promoted pages in the eyes of search engines.

Promotion of the site of the manufacturer of heating boilers in accordance with the action plan described above lasted six months.

Promotion results with Around studio

Six months of work on promotion provided:

  • Improve the visibility of the factory website in Google search results and increase positions;
  • 3.5 times increase in attendance (350%). At the time of the start of cooperation, the traffic did not exceed 40 visitors, and after 6 months it amounted to 150 unique visitors daily;
  • The basis of transitions from the search is the target audience, which increased the conversion – the share of customers ordering boilers through the site in the total traffic.


The Internet and SEO, in particular, provide an excellent opportunity for manufacturing companies to independently sell their products in addition to the existing intermediary network or without it at all. In the latter case, promotion in the search for your site allows you not to give part of the profit to intermediaries and abandon expensive advertising. At least in the market of heating boilers in Ukraine, this approach works in practice, which is confirmed by the above case on search promotion.

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