While they were talking about the baked duck, they sold the oven. How to push a customer to buy: examples of “Allo” and Laba

Warming up the audience is one of the essential points at any sales funnel stage. The purpose of the warm-up is to lead the user to purchase, and it is maintained throughout the journey. But the main goal for any company is to find the most effective and not too expensive way to warm up the audience.

Now is the time to look in the direction of SEO content. In the long run, this is the cheapest and most efficient way to warm up.

How to warm up with content?

To begin with, finding a topic that is popular for the audience and writing a quality text will take time and resources. Quality work brings results. Interesting articles attract an audience. Exciting content is shared and distributed.

Sogomonyan Artush

After publication, the content begins to perform the function of warming up the audience, while other tools require constant material and time costs. So, advertising or the same mailing list needs continuous activity for the audience to receive the message. However, from the article, it is only required to be at the top of the search results, and the user will find it himself.

Now let me remind you what a sales funnel is and its stages.

The classic sales funnel based on the AIDA model (model of interaction with the user on the way to purchase) consists of the following stages: awareness, interest, desire, and action. In addition to the four main steps, loyalty is added, which means repeat purchases and recommendations.

Each consumer goes through these stages, but depending on the length of the buying cycle, the duration of each step also varies. For example, for food, the entire journey can take several minutes, and buying a car takes up to several years.

Heating is needed to reduce the time for reflection and speed up the transition from one stage to another. In addition, articles as a heating tool are universal in that they can be used at almost all steps and do not impose a solution on the audience, unlike other tools.

Customer Examples

For clarity, I will show a few examples of our clients to whom we recommended SEO content to warm up the audience.

The first example is a travel agency website that has a blog. This area of business is ideal for warming up users through SEO content. Since, due to the subject matter, a large number of texts can be optimized with the help of properly selected keywords.

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In the screenshot below, the traffic of the article “What to take with you to Egypt” for six months. I took the traffic data from the Search Console, so the average position is the total for all regions.

Traffic of the article “What to take with you to Egypt”

The primary traffic comes from the key “what to take with you to Egypt”. Thus, the article gets users who have already decided to visit Egypt and those still choosing a place to stay.

In the article itself, a link was added to last-minute tours to Egypt and articles on recreation or attractions in countries where there are tours. So users who have decided on a holiday in Egypt can see the proposed tours on the site.

Another article, “Seasons in Egypt”, works according to a similar scheme for warming up the audience.

Traffic of the article “Seasons in Egypt”

The primary traffic comes from the following keys:

  • “season in Egypt”;
  • “season of winds in Egypt”;
  • “when is the season in Egypt”;
  • “Egypt Season”.

With an understanding of how to properly optimize an article, content becomes the most effective way to warm up the audience. But for tourism, finding the topic of a blog article is not a problem, unlike, for example, our other client from the legal profession.

An article on the topic “How to file for divorce” ranks for the following key queries:

  • “divorce in Ukraine”;
  • “how to file for divorce”;
  • “what documents are needed for a divorce”;
  • “how to get a divorce in Ukraine”;
  • “file for divorce online”.

Traffic of the article “How to file for divorce”

So, users interested in the issue of divorce come to the article. In the article itself, in addition to links to articles related in meaning, there are blocks with a proposal to ask a lawyer a question or get advice.

The magic of SEO text begins to work as soon as the user has landed on a blog post. You provide truthful and helpful information, increasing trust in your company and increasing audience loyalty to your brand.

Examples of audience heating with content from Allo and Laba

Many large companies use the content as a heating element. I will talk about some of them.

For example, the Allo company, in its blog posts, material not only about technology but also related articles. Thus, they expand the audience. At the same time, the company organically adds examples of products that are related to the topic to the articles themselves.

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So, an article about ways to roast duck has good organic traffic. Of course, the main idea is still ways to bake, but it also warms the audience to buy ovens.

Article traffic about roasting duck

Another article from the blog about finding a phone using IMEI attracted about 10 thousand organic traffic. Yes, the content is more informational, but it contains brand names, features, and some advantages.

Thus, the user studies the answer to his question but partially receives information about phone manufacturers and their functionality.

Traffic article about finding a phone through IMEI

This warm-up method works best over the longer term, as the user gradually absorbs information that will help make a purchase decision.

But there are other methods as well. For example, the largest educational portal, Laba, uses a slightly different technique.

They choose narrowly focused topics for articles, such as “a toxic person” or “25 sales questions.” These are topics that may be of interest to a particular niche. And while reading the article, an advertisement for an educational course pops up on the right, which somehow resonates with the topic of the publication.

On the page of an article about a toxic person and how to identify him, we see an advertisement for a recruiting course.

Traffic articles about toxic people

And on the page with questions about sales – a course on sales. Thus, if the user is interested in the material and wants to delve into this topic in more detail, then the course will be useful.

Due to the specific topics of the articles, organic traffic is not too large, but here the goal is different – to sell the course to potential consumers.

Traffic articles about questions in sales

As you can see, using SEO content to warm up the audience is widespread among companies since this method is one of the most effective in terms of material and resource costs.

SEO content warms up the audience and drives traffic to the site. In the future, with the help of remarketing, this traffic can be directed to transactional pages. This allows you to convert your audience into potential customers as cheaply as possible.

Unlike the classic ads displayed to a cold audience, remarketing is aimed at a warm one. It increases brand awareness, reduces the cost of customer acquisition, and increases audience loyalty. Try telling your customers helpful something and see what it does for you.

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