What is local SEO?

This is a method of business promotion which involves attracting local customers for requests with a regional reference. In short, local SEO service is a powerfully effective tool for small businesses.
Work process
The essence of the local SEO service is to help all consumers find information about a local business through a search engine (Google, etc.). When a business is not optimised for special requests, it risks losing up to 80% of potential customers.
High-quality local SEO consulting should include the following items:

Project analysis

A documented full assessment, the presence of problems and methods for their solution, and an estimate of the time and budget of the project.

Development of recommendations

Creation of technical tasks for an SEO specialist, a development department, copywriters and marketers.

Coordination with the client

We present work, discuss comments, correct inaccuracies, and make necessary changes.

Execution of work

Implementation of actions and activities related to the project, which the contractor performs according to previously compiled TOR.


Periodic reporting on the project, including a list of work, performed and providing the client with the amount of payment for the work done.

Who needs local SEO
Good local SEO is essential for all brands that want to become more recognisable and increase conversions in their region.
A good company tries to rank high in the SERPs and get to the TOP of search queries. The higher the position, the more traffic. Organic SEO helps you better align with Google's recommendations so that the algorithms that build the SERPs push your site as high as possible. Google forms the issue by taking into account the location of the firm, company, or brand based on their location (street, micro district, city name, etc.).
The following types of companies are recommended for local SEO services:
Medicine (private clinics, pharmacies, dentistry and private small dental offices, medical production organisations, etc.).

The medical field is the most geo-dependent, so local SEO is important. SEO will allow you to get customers to visit the clinic and buy medical supplies, equipment, medicines, etc.

HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, hookah establishments, catering, hostels, coffee shops, cafes, hotels, motels, etc.).

Regional business in this direction is relevant for everyone who wants to optimise their resources to the maximum for potential local customers. Moreover, local promotion of this area for specific requests will help attract users from a certain region or those who are looking for cool places in a certain city.

Economics and law (law offices, private notary offices, law firms, economists, accountants, financiers, etc.).

SEO for these types of businesses is very important in that it becomes a priority in order to get noticed. In addition, promoting the service, taking into account local SEO, will allow companies to compete effectively with major players in the market.

Other representatives of small businesses (shops, ateliers, design studios, beauty salons, hairdressers, entertainment, clubs, various courses, etc.).

For everyone who owns a small business, you need to remember about competition, growth, and the importance of local optimisation. By implementing ranking principles in regional SERPs and using special SEO methods, you can move to a higher level and become more recognisable.

Let's do a cool project together.
Below are answers to frequently asked questions from customers looking for local SEO:
What is the difference between SEO and Local SEO?

First, it must be understood that Local SEO is considered to be the promotion of a business with a regional reference. This means that the business becomes more recognisable, but the process is directly related to the user's geolocation. SEO, on the other hand, means that specialists use a set of measures to improve the company's website and also provide assistance (build the process of issuing search results for any query) to rank a web resource in search engines so that it is easier for Internet users to find it.

Do international companies need Local SEO?

If your services are related to the location, then it is definitely worth it, regardless of where you work and how many offices you have. Any international business needs Local SEO, especially since such a strategy works and shows excellent results at the international level. For example, Amazon or Apple do not need an SEO locale. Still, stores that sell iPhones and other Apple equipment in Kharkiv, Los Angeles, and other cities worldwide without online stores definitely need an SEO locale.

What determines the cost of local promotion of the company?

Helping to become leaders in the market with the help of local SEO, the price of services depends on the competition level and the website's size.

How long does Local SEO take?

Regarding the time frame, the specialists proceed from what stage of promotion the company is at and how much work has already been completed. Often, the first result can be obtained within 1-2 months after the work on local promotion is completed.

Why do you need a technical task to finalise the site?

When writing the TOR for revision, you can see what is missing and what needs to be added, removed, replaced, etc. Thanks to the list of conditions and requirements for created or edited content, you can build a competent ranking for the website. This process will ensure the influx of new customers, increase the company's recognition among the target audience, and focus people's attention on a geo-location that will be relevant for a particular region. Brand promotion within the region through a well-written TOR for website development will become simple and effective

What does local SEO include?

Competent local SEO promotion involves setting up Google analytics services. Thanks to this, you can get information about user actions on your site and Google My Business profile and use it to improve traffic and conversions.
Setting up Google My Business allows you to understand how many views were on your Google Maps profile and learn about related actions with them. At the same time, users only press the corresponding buttons “call”, “get directions to this place”, etc.
Local SEO has a process called link building. It is the construction of contextual or locally relevant links to the site of an existing business. Its main goals are to drive more traffic, customers, and users to the site and help this online resource rank better, specifically in local search (in certain map packages).

What is Local SEO, and what are its features?

Many customers are looking for a local business, and many are using digital technologies to find a service/product and facilitate communication-related purchases from brands. When there is a local SEO service, you can forget about the loss of valuable leads, traffic and the opportunity to sell a lot right now. Without setting up local SEO, it will be more difficult to achieve high results, loyal customers and good profits.  The brand should get new customers immediately. Enough to understand what he lacks. And we are talking about local SEO, which helps to improve the effectiveness of any strategy created based on such promotion. While local SEO companies are entrepreneurially improving the SMB process by enhancing it with digital content, others still need to be put on hold. And in this situation, you don’t need to wait – it’s better to use the strategy set within the geographic area in local search and use the arrival of new customers to grow your business.

Local SEO – Fast Start for Small Businesses

Compared to traditional search engine optimisation companies, professional local SEO agencies increase brand awareness through local SEO optimisation. On the one hand, such work requires a comprehensive approach; on the other hand, it helps to ensure the most sustainable future of any website. The tool is aimed at achieving goals. Asking the question of what local SEO consulting is, you need to understand that it is the searchability of a company, regardless of the scale (national, global), to understand that this or that company is “next to me”, which is very convenient. Therefore, geographical specificity greatly influences the decision of a potential user to apply to a company that is essentially located nearby (home, work, or another place convenient for a person). When it comes to purely local SEO promotion, you need to be able to compose it correctly. Different tactics relate to well-known digital or email marketing. It is he who can increase the local SEO ranking, as well as:

  • Target users to keywords for your local business.
  • Ensure the arrival of customers from Google My Business.
  • Manage reputation on the World Wide Web.
  • Apply local content marketing to the project.

For the competition, it is worth remembering that local SEO is the real assistant in positioning the brand correctly. This will help you find your ideal target audience.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Only local SEO specialists will be able to perform all services competently. The point is that they are aware of the latest local SEO strategies and trends. Also, local promotion specialists have a collection of valuable research, best practices and guidelines. Although Google considers different factors in local SEO promotion, studying SEO ranking factors will still help determine a brand’s search ranking. It included:

  • Have a Google business profile or a Google My Business (GMB) list;
  • Consistency of the name clearly spelt out an address and specified mobile phone number about local firms;
  • Site domain authority;
  • Quality of citations as a result of local search;
  • Click-through rate, which is formed from the results of search queries;
  • Key, well-chosen, accurate words;
  • User experience (UX);
  • Evaluation of quality, speed, and variety;
  • Communication signals.

Although local SEO services are popular, the right decision is to turn to professionals immediately. With high-quality services, you can take your business to the next level, not waste a lot of time on incorrect site use, and simply improve SEO so the real business can bring even more profit.

Why is Local SEO important for a business now?

Preferring local SEO promotion services, the client chooses the highest level of visibility. In short, any brand is interested in creating a local SEO strategy for their company that will work. In fact, it will attract new customers, keep regular ones and just like everyone. Although the local search engine optimisation service is just one small piece of the puzzle in a client’s quest to dominate the local market, it needs to be launched quickly. This is necessary to save time on those services that will not bring profit, customers, or interest from people in general. Furthermore, modern digital marketing is developing in such a way that by using it correctly, you can make any brand even more recognisable than its competitors. The strategy created by specialists will definitely be more relevant, improved, and better. Why? Because it will be developed taking into account the adaptation of a particular business, where an address, mobile phone number, website, strategic information (required data), a clearly approved action plan, etc., will be involved. Each step will be thought out to the smallest detail.

Local SEO и Google

Many are interested in the question of why it is so important to combine local search engine optimisation services with Google? It’s simple – the search engine is the very free marketing tool, which is essentially indispensable. With its help, marketers can manage the information tools that are just the same presented in Google Search and Google Maps. The client on his page will display absolutely all the valuable information about his business. It’s about:

  • NAP firms;
  • Link to an online resource;
  • Time frame of work;
  • Other brand information;
  • Reviews left by customers.

The Google My Business optimisation process is an important aspect of local SEO marketing, allowing the page to serve as a major factor in local SEO rankings (which determines a business’s success on the World Wide Web). In addition, when a company is not afraid to declare that it has a web page on the Internet, it demonstrates its officiality (legality, authenticity). Benefits of Local SEO Optimization with Google My Business:

  • Increasing company awareness;
  • Availability of accurate information about the business;
  • Increasing the involvement of the target audience;
  • Increasing authority on the Internet;
  • Receiving potential profit;
  • Gaining customer trust;
  • Attracting customers and traffic;
  • Interaction target orientation;
  • Publication of the most important news and updates;
  • Managing your own reputation.

There are reasonable indications that Google My Business Seo is an excellent method to help a company win the trust of potential customers.

What does local promotion include?

Local promotion includes those factors that are indispensable (they also directly relate to Google):

  1. Audit. The agency will conduct a thorough local SEO audit, which can help you understand the brand’s current local SEO rating, get the most useful data, and write a list for local SEO. In addition, comparative, overview, and competition analyses will be carried out, and the landing (main) page, local links, penalties, etc., will also be checked.
  2. Setting up Google My Business. With a business account, you can manage your own locations, track brand information, supplement it, or remove unnecessary content. If specialists are involved in the setup, they will optimise all processes to the maximum, introduce corporate identity, check information about the company and accurately enter data related to the local level (especially adding information about the geographical location and taking other actions). You can achieve excellent results if you set up Google local SEO services correctly.
  3. Keywords. The stage of introducing keywords is one of the most important. Using the method, you can expand your own local coverage and attract the target audience. Furthermore, by analysing keywords, you can determine geographic and industry keywords in the future and arrange words according to search goals. As soon as the specialists optimise the keys and develop special content for a web resource with a local theme, it will work properly immediately after their implementation on the site. This will bring engagement, attract new customers, increase the rating of the site, etc.
  4. Content. In order for SEO to work, you need textual and other local SEO content that is attractive to the site. With its help, it is possible to increase the attention of potential customers to the brand and interest them in making purchases. In addition, content marketing is a thriving field. Still, choosing the right keywords, including research, constantly engaging in guest blogging, developing social networks, and promoting the website are important. All this can be done by adding quality content to the site (placement). It is he who attracts the maximum traffic to the website.
  5. Link building. Investing in affordable SEO services and expanding your own digital presence is a smart approach to taking your business out of the shadows. By turning to qualified specialists, you can find an accurate idea of the business, present it to the target audience correctly, implement local SEO quotes, use keywords, build a strategy for adding content and gradually develop. Local link-building methods also work, and they are the ones that can bring real value to any business.
  6. Technical improvements. Sometimes a client wants to add something to his site. Good ideas are always welcome as long as they fit into a pre-planned strategy. But in order for the local business to work with a bang, it is necessary to make adjustments that the client asks for because he is also working to increase the popularity of the site and wants to engage even more people, get high-quality calls, and have constant sales and growth. Therefore, sometimes site improvements are appropriate and improve conversion rates by several times.

Modern local SEO services will help you rank high in search results and increase the conversion of your web resource.

Local promotion to attract customers

Since it is local SEO for small businesses that open up opportunities to attract conversion traffic (target users who are interested in local companies), it is necessary to create a strategy individually for each individual type of activity. Succeeding in a saturated online market is hard enough. But a competent local promotion to attract customers will help the business grow. The competitive digital environment says that investing in SEO services is a must. Digital presence, as practice shows, is vital for various businesses, so you should focus on local optimisation in addition to other methods of resource promotion. It helps to attract a qualified target audience, convert it into constant sales and rating positive growth. Modern local SEO is all about loyal customers, increased revenue, increased traffic, improved visibility in Google search results, high rankings, and many other benefits.