SEO for Fintech Companies: Nuances and Key Features of Promotion

Fintech SEO is an effective modern technology of the promotion of fintech projects, which allows you to effectively target traffic of representatives of the target audience of potential consumers of financial services, even in conditions of limited resources of small fintech companies and startups. Do you want to use SEO technology to promote your fintech company effectively but need help knowing where to start? Let’s find out together.


How is SEO useful for fintech projects?

Today’s financial services market is one of the most dynamically developing markets in the world. High demand generates an active supply of financial technologies, which are commonly referred to as fintech. The field of fintech brings fintech products to the financial services market, making it possible to meet the growing needs of financial services users. However, many fintech startups and high competition require additional efforts to promote fintech projects, and precisely SEO technologies enable the effective fulfilment of this demand.

A modern user of financial services wants to get a solution to all their current requests for such services with minimum time consumption, with minimum distraction from current affairs and, of course, with the minimum cost of being able to implement such actions. Therefore, companies providing financial services can no longer imagine the realisation of their activities with the use of fintech means, and the creation of fintech projects has become a serious source of profit for developers. But how does one explain to a potential consumer company’s openness to fintech products and the possibility of using them when interacting with a given financial company? In solving this problem, it becomes the most effective use of SEO. SEO for fintech is a tool that will allow delivering to specific consumer information about financial services that best fit their current needs, using the technical means available to them. Thus, fintech SEO is definitely an effective tool for maximising the circle of potential consumers of a company’s financial services.

Today’s world is a world of startups. Therefore, financial services are a source for many profitable fintech projects. However, in this case, the main problem for developers is the involvement of the maximum number of users in their projects, delivering information about products to the maximum number of potential customers and consumers of fintech services. Thus, SEO for fintech is an indispensable promotion technology that effectively solves the set tasks.

Speaking about the promotion of modern fintech projects, many startups from small developers enter the market; accordingly, they may need more financial resources to promote their development using paid tools. In this case, the first place in promoting fintech products comes from SEO – a tool that allows you to attract traffic with minimal costs and ensure a high level of the site’s prominence.


Peculiarities of SEO in the Sphere of Fintech

The use of SEO for fintech is a very relevant promotion tool that allows you to give traffic to potential customers to the fintech project website.

Let us note a number of features of SEO for fintech:

  • The field of fintech projects is an area of very high competition. Most people daily solve their tasks related at least to personal finances by searching for information on relevant sites providing financial and related services. The high demand for this kind of service determines their high supply in modern conditions, an intensive struggle between providers of fintech products for the user’s attention. Consequently, this problem will be solved during the promotion of fintech projects with higher intensity and concentration of efforts when implementing SEO technology. Probably, it will take a longer time for the first visible results of promoting a fintech product website and for the cumulative effect of the website promotion to appear. Besides, it is quite possible that one will have to face elements of unfair competition in the process of promotion of fintech products and promotion of the site in search engines.
  • When using SEO for fintech companies, one should understand the target audience of users they are targeting. First, it is important to understand that the target audience of fintech is technically advanced users of software products, which means that the quality of the product being promoted and the visualisation of the content becomes very important because the demands of this target audience for them are extremely high. But this target audience, on the other hand, is a plus because it is progressive, constantly searching for new information and new software products that will better meet current or emerging needs. Therefore the technical SEO for fintech products will be highly effective.
  • Technologies of SEO are highly effective for fintech projects that provide fintech products well-known to the consumer because it is for such products that the most favourable conditions are formed for the issuance of the site for multiple queries in search engines and effective attraction of traffic. However, when it comes to fundamentally new fintech products that, by definition, cannot yet have multiple queries in search engines, the use of SEO technologies becomes more complicated. It requires a more creative approach and non-standard solutions in the course of implementation to promote a site with a product in search.
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The Best Way to SEO Promotion of FinTech Companies

The sphere of fintech products is an area that has its own peculiarities in the promotion of companies because both the product itself and the target audience it is aimed at are special. Consequently, for a specific fintech product to be included in the search list of potential consumers, a clearly targeted method of SEO promotion is required.

As part of the strategy to promote fintech projects can be noted the following important advantages of SEO for fintech:

  • Information about the site will be given precisely to those users who, based on the search query content, are interested in the relevant specific product or financial service. And this means that the probability that the user will visit the site and, as a result, is likely to take the necessary actions to use the fintech product increases significantly. Thus, people who use a particular search are potential consumers for a fintech company, which significantly reduces the company’s efforts to find potential customers, compared with the use of “cold” databases. In addition, using quality links and descriptions of the financial products already when search engines display the site will further increase the awareness of potential customers about the company’s fintech products.
  • Regarding the effect of SEO on fintech companies, it should be noted that it will not only be current but will also accumulate in the future; as the older, the site becomes, the higher its ranking will be in some search engines for relevant queries. Thus, investing in SEO for fintech will be a source of traffic and potential customers in future periods. With this in mind, fintech companies that plan to use SEO for their promotion should understand that it takes time to get the expected effect. Furthermore, a high ranking of a fintech project site by search engines will also create the prerequisites for the growth of reputation effect in the financial sector for a fintech company.
  • And, of course, among the advantages of SEO for fintech, it should be noted that in the long run, when the site will be brought to high positions, this, in turn, creates conditions for cooperation with companies based on the use of the resource site. Placing user-friendly content from partners will allow fintech companies to generate additional income.


Study your Customers’ Pain Points

The realities of modern fintech SEO imply a focus on the target audience – identifying the key needs and relevant search queries of the potential consumer of a fintech product are the basis of its effective promotion. So to make promotion effective, it is necessary to identify a specific target audience, rank it by key factors of content perception and in the implementation of SEO tools to put pressure on specific pain points of a selected segment of the target audience of a fintech product. Only after a high-quality study of the target audience and identification of key SEO factors is it possible to plan the promotion of a fintech company or fintech product and the real effect of SEO in the form of traffic and attracted clients.

A relatively new trend in SEO for many products, especially fintech projects, has become users’ focus on local search when search queries of potential clients have regional restrictions. And this trend must be addressed when forming an SEO strategy. That is, its tools should be targeted at a specific target audience, also taking into account the geographical factor, i.e. take into account not only regional aspects that form the “painful” search query for a fintech product but also regional specifics of speech formulation of this query in the target audience.


Develop an SEO Strategy for a Fintech Project

Effective promotion of a fintech project with the help of SEO tools is only possible with a clearly formulated strategy, i.e. a consistent plan for implementing specific activities aimed at promoting the fintech product to a specific target audience.

So, what are the key elements of an SEO strategy for a fintech project:

  • The beginning of the promotion of a fintech project is definitely the selection of the target audience and its specific queries, on which the SEO efforts will be focused. Clearly identifying the target audience will allow you to accurately determine the key search query formulations that this category of consumers will potentially use when gathering information regarding a need that needs to be met through the use of a fintech service.
  • One of the most important elements of SEO is the research of keywords because their quality will determine whether traffic of potential target audience to the fintech project’s website. SEMrush is a technology that estimates current requests concerning fintech products. The peculiarity of such keyword analysis is the introduction of short keywords of a search query, which allows both to see its relevancy and to mark the words that may accompany it in a potential search query of the target audience of a fintech product. In this way, it is possible to expand the semantic core of the query text to the maximum corresponding to how the target audience of fintech product consumers will presumably formulate this query. An additional effect of using this technology is the parallel possibility of analysing competitors’ key queries and identifying potential development trends of a specific fintech product.
  • an important stage of the SEO strategy for the promotion of fintech projects is the analysis of internal technical factors, which significantly influence the effectiveness of the promotion of fintech projects. Such factors include page loading speed, which is one of the key factors of website ranking, for example, in Google. For example, suppose the page loading speed is not fast enough, and the design of the web resource is not conveniently organised for search. In that case, the potential consumer of a fintech product will likely be inclined to leave the site and continue searching. Thus effectively directed by SEO tools, traffic of potential clients will be lost, and the promotion efforts spent will be in vain.
  • Optimization Title is also definitely a necessary step when implementing an SEO strategy for a fintech project. After all, it is the title that is seen by search engines and therefore directs potential customer traffic to a particular web resource.
  • Optimize Description – the most important point of SEO strategy for a fintech project is the optimal formulation of the page content that will interest the specific target audience of the fintech service and stimulate them to navigate to the web page of the resource.
  • Monitoring changes and improvements to your site according to Google’s requirements. Google developers constantly roll out updates to optimise their search engine for user needs. Such updates are made with increasing intensity and can instantly collapse all the site indicators and minimise the effect of SEO if such changes are not tracked. The web resource is not an adapted fintech project.
  • Adaptation of sites for mobile devices. The vast majority of the target audience of fintech projects search for information via mobile devices, which means that the effective implementation of an SEO strategy for a fintech project is impossible without optimising the web resource to improve the display of the content as well as ease of navigation and access from mobile devices.
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Create Useful Content the Right Way

SEO for fintech in the system of measures to improve efficiency involves creating and adapting content. Modern, high-quality, optimised content can contain not only text material but also interactive tools and means of visualisation of information, which in today’s audience gives a much greater effect in the promotion of fintech products. Useful content should give the user maximum information about the fintech project, foresee and give answers to likely related questions, and keep the attention of a potential customer of the fintech service. Structuring the text material, highlighting the headlines, and different types of multimedia not only support the involvement of the potential customer of the fintech service but also allow bots to index the material in a better way.


Analyse the effectiveness of fintech SEO and make adjustments

The effectiveness of fintech SEO can be considered in the current and long term. Therefore, the effect of SEO for fintech must be moderate. It takes time for its manifestation and further cumulative effect. However, this does not mean that there is no need to monitor the effectiveness of fintech project promotion and make adjustments, if necessary. Undoubtedly, an effective tool, in this case, is tracking the output of the web resource being promoted by entering the keywords formulated by SEO into search engines. And if there are no positive trends in the promotion of a fintech product over time, it is reasonable to make adjustments to the elements of the fintech SEO strategy.


As we can see, SEO for fintech in today’s reality is an effective tool for promotion to potential customers of financial services. Moreover, it allows achieving high results in the promotion of fintech projects even for small developers of fintech products that need more resources for the use of paid promotion of fintech projects.

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