Website development

is a profitable opportunity to update its design and functionality, speed up page loading, and save the project from technical errors and vulnerabilities without creating a new project.
How to start refining and upgrading the site?
To order a revision or upgrade, the site owner should leave a request on our website or contact us by phone. The further scheme of cooperation is as follows:


We pre-evaluate the necessary work on the site, announce to the client the approximate number of hours for revision and the price.


The customer makes a 15% prepayment, after which the employees of the AROUND WEB digital agency develop and agree on the terms of reference (TOR) for finalizing the website.


After agreeing on the TOR, the client makes another 50% prepayment and refinement begins.


Upon delivery of the project and its verification by the customer, the final payment is made according to the actual time spent.


Popular website development.

Let's consider these types of work in more detail
Filling with content, updating the site structure

Regularly adding content to the site will never be superfluous. The question becomes even more acute when the available texts on the site are not unique and / or irrelevant. By adding new pages and filling them with useful content, you can both get out of the filters and increase traffic, sales, etc.

Improvement to speed up the loading of the site

The landing page has two main tasks: to attract visitors from the network (search engines or targeting and contextual advertising systems) and imperceptibly for a person to literally force him to buy a product or use a service.

Changing the design and functionality of the site

Spot visual changes and a complete redesign are in-demand types of refinement. They are important both in terms of external attractiveness and convenience (usability) of the site. Various functional improvements are also capable of making the project more useful, increasing the session time of users. On the one hand, in terms of design and functionality, the site should not be inferior to competitors, and on the other hand, it should stand out from their background, have its own individuality.

Mobile version of the site

A mandatory requirement for modern projects is a mobile friendly interface. If your site is not equally convenient for users of desktop and mobile devices, this defect must be quickly eliminated, since you are already ranking worse in Google and other search engines.

SEO site optimization

Modernization for search engines is an optional, but extremely useful tool that will allow a web project to increase awareness, traffic, and other indicators. Improvements regarding SEO affect a variety of aspects, from technical issues to link building.

Approximate cost

- adding new content and/or creating new landing pages. Digital agency specialists spend from 1 hour on this type of website development;
- optimization of the speed (acceleration) of the site loading - from 4 hours;
- change of site design (redesign) - from 1 hour;
- development of new functionality - from 1 hour;
- creation of a mobile or adaptive version of the site - from 15 hours;
- search engine optimization (SEO) — from 12 hours
The cost of an hour of work is from $ 17

Let's do a cool project together.

Frequently asked questions on revision and modernization

How much does it cost to improve and upgrade a website?

The cost of completion or modernization is determined individually, based on the number of hours required to complete the work. The price of one hour of revision starts from $10. To determine the labor costs, AROUND WEB representatives either evaluate the TOR provided by the client for finalizing the site or compile it on their own. Before the first prepayment, you will know the approximate labor costs and prices. The deviation of the actual time from the estimated one (error) does not exceed 30%.

What do you need to estimate the amount of work to finalize my site?

An application and a ready-made TOR for modernization or specific requirements (wishes) of the client, such as changing the site's design, updating texts, expanding the functionality of the site, etc. Our specialists can analyze your project themselves and determine the list of improvements that are required or recommended.

What do you need to start editing?

To start working on the site, we need basic access to it, namely the administrative panel, database, server via FTP. In some cases of improvement, access to the hosting admin panel and Google Search Console account is also required.

What CMS do you work with?

We can finalize the site on all popular CMS, such as: wordpress, opencart, bitrix, joomla, modx.

Do you integrate your website with CRM systems?

Yes, we do site integration with CRM systems such as: Bitrix 24, leadvertex, planfix.