Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram

is one of the most powerful tools of modern Internet marketing.
Stages of targeting advertising setup. For effective advertising on Facebook and Instagram, it is necessary to work out each of the steps listed below in a quality manner.

Company analysis

Studying the activities of the company and the correct resolution of its business tasks.


Approval of the advertising budget and planning of the goals of the advertising campaign.

The audience

Choosing a target audience and setting up precise targeting.


Determining the most effective post for promotion from existing ones or creating a new one.


The choice of the format of the advertising post and the place of its placement.


Setting up all promotion parameters.

Facebook paid advertising goals and formats. Facebook/Instagram advertising offers marketers many tools to solve three major business challenges. They are brand awareness, leads, and conversions. However, to successfully cope with each of them, you need to choose the right goals for your advertising:

Such a goal allows you to show the advertising publication to as many people as possible from the selected target audience. The publication can be in a photo, video, or slideshow format. In this case, the cost of advertising on Facebook depends on the number of impressions this publication will receive. The more impressions, the higher the cost.

Traffic to website

Such a goal allows you to increase traffic to the selected pages of your site. The publication can be in a photo, video, slideshow, or other formats and placed not only in the news feed but also in instant articles and in the right column of the PC. In this case, the price of advertising on Facebook depends on the number of clicks on the specified link.

Responses to invitations

Such a goal is designed to promote events and has the form of an invitation that can be placed in the news feed and in the right column on the PC. In this case, the price of advertising on Facebook will depend on the number of positive responses from users.

Application installation

This goal directs users to the store where they can purchase the specified application. Depending on the type of this application (mobile or PC), the advertisement can be placed in the News Feed, Instant Articles, Right Column on PC, or Audience Network (banners, ads, and interstitials). Facebook sets the price for such ads depending on the number of downloads.

Let's do a cool project together.
Like any promotion, targeted advertising has its peculiarities.
Facebook/Instagram Advertising Price

Each advertising setting item is selected individually and depends on the tasks of your business. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly how much advertising on Facebook costs since each company is lined up in a unique order. It is important to remember that Facebook has no maximum limit on how much you can spend on ads. You can use all available promotion tools and spend $1,000 per day on advertising, or you can choose one or two and use them from time to time. But the minimum limit, although blurred, is around $ 5 per day.

Focus on the target audience

Targeting allows you to show ads only to users who can become your potential customers. The wide functionality of ad settings makes it possible to narrow the audience as much as possible.

Entry threshold

It is unnecessary to allocate considerable budgets to launch advertising on social networks. A reasonably low entry threshold allows companies with minimal budgets to advertise their product and test advertising hypotheses.

High conversions and fast results

Unlike the same SEO, Targeting is designed to increase conversions as quickly as possible. And depending on the chosen goal (reach, traffic, etc.), you can track the results daily.

Loss of user interest

Since targeted advertising is not shown at the user's request, it should be attention-grabbing and not annoying. Therefore, it is necessary to update creatives and ads regularly to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Subtleties of settings

Any tool brings results only in the hands of a specialist. Social media advertising is no exception. To achieve your goals, you need to set up advertisements correctly. Otherwise, you risk simply draining your advertising budget.

The cost of services for setting up paid advertising and the budget of Facebook and Instagram
The cost of setting up paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram depends on the budget, the number of creatives, and the types of advertising. Each project is an individual calculation of the cost of setting up and the budget for advertising
350 $ 700
from 500$ months budget