Local SEO for accounting services

We provide a whole range of local SEO services for accounting services, interacting with Google.
Principles of Around Web on local SEO
«AROUND WEB» company guarantees quality local SEO consulting for accountants, which is one of our main principles. A personalised approach and "white" promotion methods provide the company with local SEO at a high level and the platform - improving positions in search results.


We provide you with all the details about the work done on your project.


Specialists in local promotion of accounting services responsibly approach their work, paying attention to even the smallest details.


We have hundreds of successfully completed projects, as evidenced by positive feedback from our clients.


We are always in touch from the creation of the order to its full implementation and verification by the customer.


All platforms' accountant's local SEO, as well as the details of the work, we agree with clients. If you need to add something - you can always do it.


In our work, we focus on results, so we immediately stipulate the objectives with the customer and then provide detailed recommendations on achieving these goals.

Local SEO for accounting services sites
Local search optimisation for accounting services sites is important for all types of resources, including accounting businesses. Local SEO will give you the opportunity to promote your business and increase the number of platform visitors and clients accordingly. In doing so, promotion involves several key points.
Google My Business

You will need to specify detailed information about your company, which will get into a personal card of the optimised site. Specifying the name, office location, and contact information are especially important. All this will enable potential customers to find information about you and get to your resource. Later, you will be able to see the statistics of views and visitors' actions on your platform.

Organic issuance

We will customise organic rankings by optimising local SEO for accountants. Specialists will set up and consider key queries based on the accounting topic of your business and specific service. This is important so that potential clients can find your site even faster.


It is important to note that for the effectiveness of the local SEO service for accountants, it is important that your resource is clear and has all the necessary information for optimisation. If recommendations on the site will be necessary, we will make the TOR for the programmer or make all the changes ourselves if you need a specialist in the staff. The UX/UI design is also important - the project should be pleasant and clear, so users will not go to the competitor.

Link building

Our local SEO specialists will be able to set up ads so that you will be advertised on popular websites, articles and other sources of information. Furthermore, due to the fact that you will be on the author's local maps, you will be seen by those people who visit top-segment Internet resources. In addition, we do this process for you so that you will end up with a ready base for advertising optimisation that will be used in the future.

Let's do a cool project together.
Local SEO for accounting services is very popular in Ukrainian companies related to accounting, so most businessmen always have a number of questions regarding this topic.
How much does it cost to promote an accounting services website locally?

The final cost of the work done by us depends on the initial state of the company website and the total amount of work. In addition, additional services, such as finalising the project programmer, are evaluated separately and also depend on the amount of work. The result of the work done on local SEO for accountants can be seen in about a week or even less.

What are the peculiarities of the local promotion of accountants?

This is a special way to attract potential clients and get more people interested in your company's website. By getting the result of our local SEO service for accountants, you will be able to observe the visible result of the work done. We give you a complete set of optimisation for your business while getting more views of your resource and its capabilities.

How do you know that Local SEO for an accountant's website is working?

Analytical data can check optimisation results: the number of clicks on the platform from organic search, the rise of the site or its individual pages in the top of extradition, and the increase in conversions. In addition to detailed reports from our experts, there are many services that can provide you with this in a convenient way. Moreover, you will be able to see the results of our local SEO for accountants in the appearance of new clients and appeals to your company.

How long does Local SEO for accounting services take?

The time spent on local SEO depends on many factors. For example, the number of search queries about Ukrainian accounting companies, the presence of a profile at GMB, the need for revision of the resource, the goals set and the history of your site's domain. Our specialists in local SEO will do everything possible to get the work done quickly, and you will get the results you want as soon as possible.

If you own an online resource with products and services for accountants, you’ve definitely been looking for a way to find new customers quickly. You have come to the right place! It is in our agency that you will be able to recruit potential clients through local SEO services for accountants without any problems. Let’s learn a little more about that.

Features of Local SEO for websites of accounting and auditing services

Optimising local search for accounting services sites is one of the most effective techniques for bringing new clients to a local platform. It should be easy for a potential client to find the contact information to contact you and all the necessary data for him. SEO solves this issue and ensures that the client quickly gets to the right information on the site.

Optimisation tools SEO is not only conversion and profit but as well as work in the PR sphere. It is important to note that people often rely on the presence of the company on the map, which shows the special need for local optimization. As a result, a properly drawn-up plan to change the resource and its optimization will be able to give you a better opportunity to sell accounting services, as well as to bypass competitors in a particular market segment.

SEO specialists, marketers and copywriters have an individual approach to each project, working to improve performance on the site and generate revenue for its owner. One of the main tasks of the local SEO service for accountants is to create appropriate content, as well as to attract clients through search engines, maps and conversions from other resources. This is what the specialists of “AROUND WEB” emphasise most.

Why is local promotion important for accountants?

Quality advertising of accounting services is advertising carried out as part of a promotional strategy to help find potential clients. The experience of many successful companies proves that effective advertising is based on strategy. Therefore, the success of accounting service advertising depends on a carefully chosen promotion strategy. Quality accounting is as important as good management in any business. A well-crafted ad will help you find clients if you are an accounting service provider. However, the market for accounting and legal services is conservative. First, people try to find employees through referrals and then continue to search online. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to competent online promotion.

Google My Business for accounting services sites

Google My Business is a free resource that allows accounting business owners to improve their Google search profiles. It allows users to quickly find the right company, see its location and explore reviews. With the competent use of this tool, the company can increase its recognition and increase the number of customers. In addition, the service has a number of other advantages, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • an opportunity to improve your profile;
  • Improving the visibility of the site in the search engine.

Considering all the above details of local SEO for accounting services, this is the best way to attract new customers to the local platform in a short period of time. So if you own an accounting business, our team “AROUND WEB” will always be able to provide the desired service qualitatively and quickly.